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World Meningitis Day

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Where is World Meningitis Day observed?  

World Meningitis Day is observed throughout the world to raise awareness to inject vaccines and save the lives of people who are mainly affected by it.

Who is World Meningitis Day observed by?

World Meningitis Day is observed by patients, doctors, and medical experts residing all throughout the world. They participate in the campaign among children and old people to spread the word about symptoms, vaccine methods, and the ways to protect before it affects badly.

When did World Meningitis Day ​first start?

 This day was established in the year 2008.

Who started World Meningitis Day?

 World meningitis day was started by the worldwide Confederation of Meningitis Organizations (CoMO).

Meningitis is rarely addressed in major global and regional health texts, despite its seriousness.

History And Timelines

Here is the detailed origin of this day!


Developing Antibodies

Horses could be utilized to develop antibodies towards meningococcal germs, according to research


Discovery Of Penicillin

Penicillin was initially discovered to be useful in the treatment of meningitis in 1944.

20th century

Antibiotic Therapy

Francois Schwentker pioneered the use of sulfonamides in antibiotic therapy in the 20th century.


Steroid Treatment

Evidence emerged in 2002 that steroid treatment could enhance the survival of bacterial meningitis.


Immunizations For Teens

To combat bacterial diseases, the ACIP advised regular meningococcal disease vaccine for young children who are  11 or 12-year-old.

Traditions And Customs

People who may be involved in writing articles or posts on social media about meningitis sickness, outlining the symptoms and health disorders, will be faced with the need to issue a public alert.

Medical practitioners underline the need to inject immunizations for those who are eligible.

Many people may be involved in campaigns to educate people about how to recognize and treat this terrible disease.

Ways To Observe World Meningitis Day

Learn more about the symptoms of meningitis.

The Confederation of Meningitis Organizations (CoMO) claims that to do so would save a life. Meningitis spreads quickly and can kill in a matter of hours. While vaccines lessen the incidence of meningitis, not all types of the disease are vaccine-preventable.

Facts And Stats

According to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, meningitis and newborn sepsis are the second-leading infectious killers of children under the age of five worldwide. World meningitis day is celebrated to raise awareness about this disease.

The 24th of April is World Meningitis Day when meningitis organizations from all over the world come together to increase awareness of the disease's global and local symptoms as well as effects.

Every year new theme for national meningitis day is proposed. The theme of World Meningitis Day 2022 is TakeAction #DefeatMeningitis. 

FAQs About World Meningitis Day

What is World meningitis Day?

Every year on April 24, this day is commemorated to make people aware of the bacterial infection that can cause meningitis, which can result in brain damage, spinal cord disorders, and even deaths in some people.

Where is meningitis found in the world?

Meningitis was discovered in Geneva.

How are doctors promoting World Meningitis Day?

Doctors inform about symptoms and different health diseases because of this deadly disease to protect people's lives. Any medical campaign may be conducted to save the life of any human being who is involved in the treatment of meningitis.

What are some events similar to World Meningitis Day?

Another event celebrated along with this day is National Panchayati Raj Day.

What is the motto of World Meningitis Day?

The vision for this day is 'TakeAction #DefeatMeningitis. '

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 24, 2020 Friday
April 24, 2021 Saturday
April 24, 2022 Sunday
April 24, 2023 Monday
April 24, 2024 Wednesday

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