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World MS Day

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Where is World MS Day observed?

World MS Day is celebrated globally to break the social barriers surrounding MS, to reduce the gap between the global MS community who feel socially isolated, and to look for quality care and build support networks.

Who is World MS Day observed by?

World MS Day is celebrated by the global MS community. They participate in a global campaign to raise awareness about MS and share their stories about how MS affected their life and community relationships.

When did World MS Day first start?

World MS Day first started in 2009 to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and to bring people together who share the same diagnosis, so they can support one another.

Who started World MS Day?

World MS Day was started by the MS International Federation (MSIF) and its members in 2009.

This day aims to bring the world together in a campaign to make life easier for MS patients.

History And Timeline

MSIF started the campaign for the global MS community to give the message of global solidarity and help them join a support network so they can connect with others and share their ideas of self-care. Here is a brief history and timeline about how MS Day is breaking social barriers.


MSIF Was Established

The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation was established to conduct international research and advocate for people with MS.


First MS Day

The very first MS Day campaign called ‘Join The Global Movement. End MS’ was launched.


Lori Schneider Everest Climb

In 2009, Lori Schneider became the first person with MS to climb Mount Everest.


Stronger Than MS Campaign

The campaign's motive was to help MS patients become independent, learn self-care, and make small changes in their lifestyle to live a better life.


MSIF Connections Theme Campaign

MSIF has decided on ‘connections’ as the new theme for the campaign. The connections campaign promises to break social barriers that socially isolate people and cause them to feel lonely.

Traditions And Customs

On World MS Day patients affected by MS share their stories about how they got diagnosed and their symptoms. Many people suffer from invisible symptoms of this autoimmune disease MS and in 2019, the 'My Invisible MS' campaign was launched to bring awareness about less talked about symptoms and for people to share their experiences.

Ways To Observe World MS Day

Here are a few ways to observe and celebrate world MS Day.

Participate and help build support networks that raise awareness about MS.

There is still research conducted on the cause and cure of Multiple Sclerosis, donate money and help them receive the necessary resources.

Use social networking sites to talk about social barriers that have affected people with MS, share your stories or stories of someone you know, and spread the word about campaigns using the hashtag World MS Day.

Help MS patients to get access to quality care and build self-connection and self-care.

Facts And Stats

  • The theme for World MS Day 2020-2022 is ‘connections’. The global campaign is about building community connection, self-connection and connection to quality care.
  • World MS Day is an annual global campaign that is observed on May 30 every year with great enthusiasm.
  • 109 countries participated in the 2020 Connections Campaign that was conducted to observe this day.

FAQs About World MS Day

What does MS stand for in MS Day?

MS in MS Day stands for Multiple Sclerosis.

What is the motto of World MS Day?

The motto of World MS Day is a 'Day To Celebrate Global Solidarity and Hope For The Future.'

What are some essential things we need to keep in mind while celebrating World MS Day?

Every year Word MS Day has a different theme, which we should be aware of. People with MS can have many physical and mental concerns, so we should be mindful of this on World MS Day and offer our help wherever it is needed.

How do doctors celebrate World MS Day?

Doctors celebrate World MS Day by organizing campaigns and honor the members engaged in the research for a cure to MS.

Hashtags To Use On Social Media


When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 30, 2020 Saturday
May 30, 2021 Sunday
May 30, 2022 Monday
May 30, 2023 Tuesday
May 30, 2024 Thursday

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