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World School Milk Day

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Where is World School Milk Day Celebrated?

This day is celebrated internationally, and numerous countries all over the globe are a part of this day.

Who is World School Milk Day Celebrated by?

This day is an initiative by the FAO. Therefore, it is commemorated by schools, students, children primarily.

When did World School Milk Day Celebration start?

This day started in 2000 and was celebrated on September 27 for the first time, and since then, it has been observed on the last Wednesday of September.

Who started World School Milk Day?

Milk enables to keep blood sugar level regular.

Milk is a crucial component amongst all the school programs that are allocated for the students, including the national school lunch program, Foodservice program, breakfast program, and more.

9000-7000 BC

First Consumption Of Milk

Human beings were first discovered to consume milk after they began domesticating animals, and according to evidence, it happed during 9000-7000 BC in Mesopotamia while 3500-3000 BC in America.


Provision Of Milk Act

In the United Kingdom, the health of children was diminishing due to the scarcity of food. Therefore, milk was incorporated to save these kids from being undernourished as it is a complete food that can help them stay healthy.


The Endeavor Of Two Dairymen

The combined effort of dairymen Chester Earl Grey and Sam Green to improve the health condition of children existed long before this day. They attempted to make milk available for children in schools.


Establishment Of SMP

The Special Milk Program was first founded by the United States to promote milk consumption among pupils.


Foundation Of World School Milk Day

The Food and Agricultural Organization founded this day to celebrate and promote the benefits of milk in school through various programs.

Traditions And Customs

There are no rigid traditions and customs that are to abide by. However, schools can have their own traditions to celebrate this day and promote the benefits of milk besides other meals.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World School Milk Day

Schools can arrange events to create an awareness program. Schools can choose their events when it comes to celebrating, be it an open program for everyone to join or a closed program for students, teachers, and other staff. Children can also make posters set them up in the classroom.

Facts And Stats

  • Several nutritional programs (School Feeding Programs) were introduced on this day to encourage good health among students.
  • Certain events like distributing free milk integrating milk-related activities in the classroom are held on this day in several countries across the globe.
  • This day is a reminder that food and other health concerns among children should not eclipse the daily eating regimes of kids and promote their healthy growth.

FAQs About World School Milk Day

Why is World School Milk Day important for school kids?

The World School Milk Day is an important day for students because the school year is a vital year of development among children. If they are being devoid of their essential nutrients, it was stunned their mental and physical development. Regardless, many students who do not come from privileged families may suffer from malnutrition. This day can be observed as an awareness day to let children and everybody else learn about the health benefits of milk, and providing them free milk through the lunch program is a favorable way to keep them healthy.

Who encouraged the celebration of World School Milk Day?

Children deserves healthy and nutritious meals; however, the world already suffers from hunger and malnutrition, and children are the major victim. Milk is rich in protein and other vital nutrients, and it can somewhat compensate for most meals. Therefore to combat this problem, this day was established.

What is the motto of World School Milk Day?

There is no mention of any specific motto to celebrate this day

What are some events related to this day?

School Breakfast Program, National School Lunch Program, Food Service Program are some of the events related to this day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 30, 2020 Friday
October 29, 2021 Friday
October 28, 2022 Friday
October 27, 2023 Friday
October 25, 2024 Friday

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