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World Thinking Day

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Where is World Thinking Day celebrated?

World Thinking Day is celebrated all around the world where different organizations get together to celebrate the Girl Scouts and take a pledge to raise awareness about them across the world.

Who is World Thinking Day celebrated by?

Girl and boy scout movement and guide organizations across the world celebrate World Thinking Day with respect and honor towards the founders. Several other individuals who find this day worthwhile also take part in the celebrations.

When did World Thinking Day first start?

World Thinking Day first started in 1926 at the fourth world conference of the girl scouts and guide organizations held in the USA.

Who started World Thinking Day?

In 1926, delegates at the fourth world conference concurred that February 22 would be known as a unique day for girl guides and girl scouts from one side of the planet to the other. This day brings together different girl scout organizations with a common aim of empowering girls in life.

On this day, girls work on their distinct badge and also learn more about the sisterhood of the girl scouts and guides.

History And Timeline

Here's a brief timeline of events related to this day.


Thinking Day

Thinking Day was first celebrated at Edith Macy Camp. It marked the birthday of Olave Baden Powell.


Funding For Change

A fundraising concept was introduced to help the scout and guide movement run around the globe.



Thinking Day was the initial name of the renowned event until 1999; in this year the day was renamed World Thinking Day.

1999 Onwards

Global Event

Since 1999, World Thinking Day became a global event, and this special day started to be celebrated with a different theme every year.



In 2021, the theme for the celebration was 'Peacebuilding.'

Traditions And Customs

It is a day dedicated to the empowerment of girls and sisterhood. Helping each other out and speaking openly about the issues that have been affecting them is a way to celebrate it.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Thinking Day

These are a few out of the many ways to celebrate and observe this day: Getting to know about the theme and putting forward your viewpoints and discussing this with your siblings and friends; taking part in the events organized by the guiding and scouting groups; also, supporting their fundraising with contributions that are suitable for you.

Facts And Stats

  • The theme in 2022 for the World Thinking Day is 'Our world, our equal future: The environment and gender equality.'
  • There are five world centers for scouts and guides organizations in the world that get together for celebrations of World Thinking Day.
  • There is no age limit for you to start celebrating World Thinking Day! This is the reason that the number of individuals celebrating World Thinking Day is increasing with each passing year.
  • Back when it started, the day was known as Thinking Day, but in 1999 the name was changed from Thinking Day to World Thinking Day. In 1926, delegates decided to celebrate February 22 as a unique day for the girl guides and scouts in their fourth world conference. Later in 1999, to make this day more impactful around the globe they decided it should be known as World Thinking Day during the Dublin, Ireland conference.

FAQs About World Thinking Day

What is celebrated on World Thinking Day?

Sisterhood is celebrated on World Thinking Day, which is a spectacular way to empower women.

Why is it called World Thinking Day?

It is called World Thinking Day so that it can have a global impact and encourage little girls around the world to participate while prompting others to think about gender equality.

Who started World Thinking Day?

In 1926, delegates at the fourth world conference of the organizations concurred that February 22 would be known as a unique day for girl guides and girl scouts; this marked the commencement of World Thinking Day.

When is World Thinking Day?

February 22 is celebrated as World Thinking Day.

What is the significance of World Thinking Day?

World Thinking Day is a meaningful day that not only empowers women but also raises funds for girls' wellbeing and growth.

How do people celebrate World Thinking Day?

Fundraising events are organized by various organizations and individuals to celebrate World Thinking Day.

What is the history and origins of World Thinking Day?

World Thinking Day is celebrated to empower girls and support them through fundraising and giving them a platform to be girl guides and scouts. It originated from a 1926 conference decided by delegates to form a day where sisterhood is celebrated.

When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 22, 2020 Saturday
February 22, 2021 Monday
February 22, 2022 Tuesday
February 22, 2023 Wednesday
February 22, 2024 Thursday

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