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World Values Day

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Where is World Values Day celebrated?

World Values Day (WVD) is celebrated all around the world. This day is organized by the UK Values Alliance. On WVD, all through October, there will be celebrations. Our social lives are critical to our health and wellbeing. WVD's mission is to put principles at the center of society worldwide. The goal is to enhance global awareness of values and to emphasize the critical role that values play in the well-being of families, individuals, businesses, schools, and communities. There seems to be substantial growth in the number of schools involved in the UK.

Who is World Values Day celebrated by?

World Values Day is observed by people all around the world to raise consciousness and practice values.

When did World Values Day first start?

In 2016, World Values Day was created as a yearly event.

Who started World Values Day?

The UK Values Alliance founded World Values Day. In addition, the UK Values Alliance collaborated with other organizations to plan campaign activities and events.

People who are friends often tend to have similar values.

History And Timeline

Let us now check out the history behind this day.


World Values Day

In 2016, the UK Values Alliance founded World Values Day as an annual campaign.


Second Year

Since the first WVD (World Values Day), there has been a spectacular surge in interest and engagement, with a potential reach of more than 60 million individuals across more than 100 countries in 2017.


Knowledge Café

David Gurteen gave a short presentation at the Knowledge Café about the necessity of embodying our beliefs in WVD in the year 2020.


V20 Group

The Values 20 (V20) group, founded in 2020 as a new body to interact with the yearly intergovernmental G20 conferences of the world's most prominent 20 country leaders, supported World Values Day this year.


Upcoming Celebration

The next World Values Day will be held on October 20, 2022, which falls on the third Thursday of October.

Traditions And Customs

Values are conceptual constructs and ideas, that either present a vision of how we want the universe to be (goals) or emphasize specific ways of doing things to achieve those objectives (means). We have the option to put our principles into action when we engage in conversation, whether one-on-one or in a group, online or face-to-face. Honesty, trust, respect, listening, integrity, constructive disagreement, expressing the truth, and the quest for truth are just a few of the values that can be communicated through conversation. The majority of us share these or comparable beliefs, yet only a tiny percentage of us practice them in our daily interactions. Organizations worldwide are participating in the Values Break or the Values Challenge which is geared toward larger groups. 

Ways To Celebrate World Values Day

There's a range of methods to support this day. Choose a value that is important to you, one that motivates and leads you through life. Then, consider an individual or organization that holds that value and works on it to help support this day. On World Values Day, express your appreciation for their deeds by identifying and praising them on social media. Take a look at some books about values. People can find various ideas and resources on the World Values Day website to arrange their activities and events.

Facts And Stats

Dr. Neil Hawkes, who is one of the WVD supporters, has worked diligently with both the community and the school as the Principal at Kidlington Primary and Nursery School to develop and execute a unique structure of values-based learning which has since been widely recognized as the basis for excellent school practice.

David Gurteen who had partnered along with the UK Values Alliance on World Values Day is a keynote speaker, conversational facilitator, and writer.

Over 111 schools, companies, and community groups worldwide have joined up for the Values Challenge developed by the UK Values Alliance.

FAQs About World Values Day

What is the significance of World Values Day?

The annual World Values Day initiative, which takes place in October of every year, aims to raise global awareness and practice of values.

What are examples of world values?

Kindness, working towards a better world and society, spirituality, parent-child relationships, environmental views, the well-being of yourself and others and more can be some of the examples of world values. These values vary from person to person as each person can have similar values but prioritize them in a different order.

What are the five main world values?

Family, friends, work, religion, politics, and leisure time are some of the values people prioritize.

What is the history and origin of World Values Day?

In 2016, the UK Values Alliance founded World Values Day as a yearly movement. At the same time, the UK Values Alliance continues to be the driving force behind World Values Day. It does so in partnership, including over a hundred other like-minded organizations worldwide that assist and support the cause.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 15, 2020 Thursday
October 21, 2021 Thursday
October 20, 2022 Thursday
October 19, 2023 Thursday
October 17, 2024 Thursday

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