Celebrate National Picnic Week: Top 10 Spots To Snack In The Sun

Henrietta Richman
Feb 29, 2024 By Henrietta Richman
Originally Published on Jun 20, 2019
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Wondering what to do in the glorious sunshine to satisfy everyone? Why not join the festivities of National Picnic Week from 21st-30th June and visit some of our most desirable hang-out spots for all ages. Explore the vast acres of open space that our choices have to offer but more importantly, don’t forget to fill your picnic basket to the brim with tasty treats to last the whole day! Whether you want a chilled day at a local park or an outing with additional activities, here are our top locations for guaranteed fun family time.

1. Kick back at King George Recreation Ground:

The perfect place for those bursting with energy, King George Recreation Ground in Hertfordshire contains many family-friendly facilities. From the new splash pad to the large play area, the ground also has kickaround goals, tennis courts, table tennis tables and outdoor fitness equipment. The day will provide endless possibilities for fun. What’s more, the Tropical Island Splash Park has designated zones for areas suitable for families, toddlers and pre-teens - no stress to be had in your swimming gear. Sit back, relax and go for a splash.


2. Start your adventure at Thames Valley Adventure Playground:

Thames Valley Adventure Playground is an exciting site that gives children with special needs the chance to have an adventure in a safe environment. As the space itself gets very busy during peak times, you may need to book in advance to avoid missing out. The huge outdoor area is provided with wheelchair-accessible swings and roundabouts, as well as elevated walkways to really add to your little ones’ excitement of climbing. Once you’ve explored the area, take a break and tuck into your prepared picnic - you will have built up an appetite!

3. See what's happening at Hatchlands Park:

Hatchlands Park in Guildford will go down a treat for the animal lovers amongst you. Visit their donkeys in the adventure area, build a den and don’t miss exploring Great Wix Wood, where you’ll find Wizard Wix’s Willow Warren; a space filled with balance blocks, leaping logs and a tree house. This spot is the perfect place to pitch a picnic while you sit at the benches and take a break.

family walking in the park

4. Peace and quiet at Golders Hill Park:

Golders Hill Park is the serene spot for you and your family for a peaceful day in the sunshine. Situated in Golders Green and part of the parkland and commons in Hampstead Heath, its glorious Mediterranean water gardens are great for all ages to explore. There are also tennis courts, a zoo, a butterfly house and children's play area, so the fun never stops. Devour your picnic and then grab a delicious ice cream at their parlour to finish off the feast.

5. Take a stroll in Thorndon Country Park:

Thorndon Country Park in Essex is full of tranquil woodlands to explore, as well as beautiful Childerditch pond if you fancy feeding the ducks - before they get to your sandwich first! The clearly marked paths will lead you on your adventure and you may even catch a glimpse of the fenced grazing animals, such as goats, cattle and sheep. You can even take the cycling routes to explore the countryside on bike if you fancy - the activities are endless.

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6. Let the nature lovers discover Dunstable Downs:

Explore the marvellous meadows at Dunstable Downs and identify what different flowers are blooming. Alternatively, put your walking shoes on for a trek through the scenic countryside over the Chilterns; the best way to get all the whole family on their feet enjoying the fresh air. Pack your hamper to provide all the sources of energy needed for this full, fun-packed day.

7. Hang out at Shoreditch Park:

One of the biggest parks in the Borough, Shoreditch Park is the best place for activities. Bring a ball to kick about, hire bikes and enjoy a well-deserved picnic afterwards. Filled with sporting facilities, there’s an adventure playground, a children’s playground and even an outdoor volleyball court to keep everyone entertained. This secret spot in the south of Hackney is a must-go!

8. Swan about at Verulamium Park:

Head into Hertfordshire, St Albans for a beautiful parkland with all sorts of wildlife roaming around. Verulamium Park is the place for a greeting ducks, swans and many four-legged friends. It’s also very close to the city centre, so why not munch on your lunch and then walk into St Albans for some shopping at their local market.

9. Get away from the bustle of London and head to Brighton Beach:

Pack up the car or book the train tickets for an unforgettable day out at Brighton Beach. The kids will be mesmerised by the pebbled beach that lies so close to home, and they'll have a whale of a time on the bustling pier, where they can play arcade games to their hearts' content. The beach itself is the most scenic place for a picnic, and if it’s warm enough, dare to dip in the water and investigate the array of water sports on offer such as paddle-boarding and kayaking. It will be a family day out full of magical memories.

10. Aquatics galore at Stanborough Park:

Stanborough Park will absolutely wow your little ones as this countryside park has so many unique and different activities to take part in for all the family. There are two lakes in this park on the outskirts of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, where you can try your hand at paddle-boarding, sailing, canoeing and go power boating. After you’ve explored the Watersports Activity Centre, what better way to spend the afternoon than sitting down and enjoying your picnic in the many spots available. This place should be at the top of your list if your family is the aquatic-loving and active type!

family doing water sports

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