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Originally Published on Oct 06, 2021
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  • Based on Channel 4’s Grand Designs and presented by design guru Kevin McCloud, the exhibition is a great place to get inspiration or help with finishing touches for your home.
  • There will be over 500 companies split into four projects zones to help with your Grand Design.
  • Talk about your own design project in a free 30-minute consultation with an expert.
  • Watch a host of industry experts live on stage with Kevin McCloud.

Are you and your older children fans of the Channel 4 television series Grand Designs? Have you always wanted to upgrade your home Grand Designs-style? Now’s your chance to check out the latest in home design and trends at the Grand Designs Live exhibition held at the the ExCeL Centre in London's Docklands. Whether you and your older kids are a fan of the Channel 4 television series Grand Designs, or you are simply looking for some inspiration, the Grand Design Live show offers a great day out.

Panelists at the Grand Designs Live exhibition sitting on the stage discussing design topics.

A live interior design and home building show based on the television show, Grand Designs Live helps with everything from planning a home project to getting some inspiration. Featuring Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud, the live show offers top expert advice, eco solutions and contemporary products for your home. There are over 500 innovative companies divided across four project zones, including Build, Gardens, Interiors and Kitchens & Bathrooms, to help you with every aspect of your home design or build project.

Make your way to the Grand Theatre and see Kevin McCloud and a whole host of industry experts debate home improvements, renovation and awesome home builds. They will also be sharing top tips, the latest trends, plus advice on interiors, self and custom build, planning and sustainability.

Older kids and teenagers can come and be inspired by Kevin’s selection of Green Heroes, who will showcase the most ground-breaking and eco-friendly innovations set to shape the future. Budding designers can gain inspiration from The Great British Box Room, where interior designers compete to come up with clever, creative and diverse ideas to transform a small space.

The ExCeL London is just across the river from Greenwich, so can hop on a Thames Clipper riverboat from Royal Wharf Pier to Greenwich Pier. Visit the Cutty Sark, the 150-year-old tea clipper, and head to the Royal Observatory and learn about time and space.

What to know before you go

  • There are a variety of family-friendly food and drink outlets open at the venue where you can grab a bite to eat, including Viva Burrito, Costa Coffee, Pummaro, Prime Burger, Subway, Bagel Factory, Chozen Noodle Sushi, Upper Crust and Orzo’s Deli. Plus, you will be able to sample and buy different food and drink from the exhibitors.
  • There is access throughout the venue, as well as 155 disabled parking bays, 40 toilets for disabled visitors throughout the venue and accessible changing facilities.
  • All guide and assistance dogs are welcome in the venue.
  • There are water refill stations, luggage storage facilities, charging points, ATMs, Wi-Fi and a prayer room located in the venue.
  • Baby-changing facilities are situated throughout the venue. There is also a family room located by S9. It has chairs for breastfeeding, a microwave to heat up baby food and changing mats.

Getting there

  • Grand Designs Live takes place at the ExCeL London located at the Royal Victoria Dock.
  • The closest stations are Custom House DLR (for the West entrance) and Prince Regent DLR (for the East entrance). They are both just a few minutes’ walk to the venue.
  • If you are arriving by Tube, take the Jubilee line to Canning Town and take a Beckton-bound DLR train to Prince Regent or Custom House.
  • By riverboat, take the Thames Clipper to Royal Wharf Pier and the ExCeL London is approximately a 20-minute walk away.
  • If you are arriving via the A13, North Circular (A406) or M11 by car, follow the signs for ExCel London, City Airport and Royal Docks.
  • There are three car parks at the ExCel London, which cost £20 for up to 24 hours.

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