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Originally Published on Oct 07, 2021
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  • Visit The Big Sheep for a great day out exploring different play areas.
  • With hilarious shows, including the world-famous Sheep Racing, great rides, including the South West’s largest family rollercoaster, you'll be entertained for hours.
  • There is some animal magic to discover and a brilliant selection of indoor and outdoor play and activities to keep everyone in the family entertained.

If you're seeking guaranteed fun days out in Devon, visit The BIG Sheep. Whatever the weather, you'll make unforgettable memories at this award-winning family attraction. Devon’s friendliest attraction has a programme brimming with action-packed rides, animals, shows, indoor play areas, plus events to entertain everyone in the family. Home to the largest and most popular roller coaster in Devon, The BIG Sheep is a family favourite attraction, with 12 hilarious entertainment performances, with undercover areas in case it rains. There are outdoor play areas including the giant jumping pillows, splash zone, twister ride and archery tag. For those with little legs, there are plenty of toddler play areas and activities.

This is all set within the glorious 40-acres of pretty landscaped parkland, having welcomed guests over the past 30 years, The BIG Sheep is a pro in family entertainment, activities and hospitality. Don't miss out on the views across the lake to many of the park’s attractions, making a wonderful picnic area and place to rest when you plan your big day out. Think that's all Devon has to offer? If your little ones are dying to get out again for some adventure-filled fun, check out Woodlands Family Theme Park, an all-weather family amusement park and falconry display.

For some of the best, and funniest entertainment in North Devon, get down to a show, like the world-famous Sheep Race, which is a hysterical sporting event with both sheep and jockeys! Or check out the Sheep Show to see cute sheep strut their stuff on stage. Ever wondered how sheep feed their lambs? Well, there's a show for that too, plus the Sheep and Duck Trials and Sheep Shearing, which might get a little bit fluffy. If you want, you can partake in the lamb bottle-feeding sessions, and in the summer there are daily performances.

Spend some quality time with these cute and adorable animals, as your little ones can enjoy the magic of a real farm. You can feed and cuddle newborn lambs and other baby farm animals at the Pets’ Corner. So be sure to snap a picture, to capture those magical moments and maybe even some sheep selfies. Some of the animals that live in The BIG Sheep are chicks, puppies, lambs, llamas, rabbits, and even some miniature ponies, so start making some furry friends.

If you fancy some outdoor play, enjoy the giant jumping pillows, or try flying around on the Twister Ride! If it's a hot summers day, then get wet and wild in the Splash Zone or emulate Merida from Brave and try your skills at archery. If it's rainy, but you're still after some thrill-seeking fun, Ewetopia is a vast indoor adventure play area where children can let off some steam. It features fantastic slides, soft play and climbing areas, where you can tumble down towers, obstacles and mazes. Plus, there are some gentle rides for younger children like the Piggy Pull-a-Long, Pony rides, Swan Carousel, Tractor Safari, self-drive Tractor Track, and Vintage Pony.

If you're looking to tour South England's best family theme parks, check out Paultons Park, home to Peppa Pig World, located in the New Forest National Park, offering a fantastic day out of fun, with over 70 rides and attractions.

Do you want to test out your Ninja skills? The adventurous visitors can battle it out with friends and family in the themed combat zone, Battlefield Live, and enjoy the thrill of soft play fighting. Or for those looking to challenge themselves, master the art of mountain climbing and boarding, try some sessions on the 45ft climbing wall, plus there are low ropes at the sister attraction, the Ultimate Adventure Centre during the summer for you to try out.

Don't miss out on the events held at The EWE2 Arena, hosting a diverse range of fun events throughout the year, like Easter-themed egg hunts, the Easter Extravaganza, plus the likes of Mind Body and Soul Festival for the grown-ups, Wedding Shows, and an eerie Spooktacular Halloween Festival, among other festive events.

When you're feeling peckish, you can choose from food kiosks, the Barn Café and picnics, so recharge anyway you like and get back out in the play areas for a fully-charged day of fun.

What to know before you go

  • When you're feeling peckish, The Barn Café serves up menus of delicious homemade food and Bo Beep’s Servery in Ewetopia has a variety of fast food, and there’s a well-maintained picnic area too.
  • There are toilets on site and an accessible toilet at the entrance to Ewetopia. This comes with baby changing facilities.
  • The site has clear, wide paths and ramps that are navigable for wheelchair and pushchair users, plus there are plenty of places to sit down, like in the Barn Café. The Swan Pedalos are not accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Wheelchairs provided upon request.
  • Kidadl top tips: take some pound coins and buy some animal food upon entry.

Getting there

  • The BIG Sheep is located in Bideford, North Devon.
  • If travelling via car from the North, go via the M5, leaving the motorway at Junction 27 and then follow the A361 which is signposted to Barnstaple. From there, take the A39 signposted to Bideford. There is a BIG Sheep flag on the A39, located just outside Bideford and there are brown tourist signs.
  • If travelling from the South, from Cornwall, take the A39 past Bude, which is signposted to Bideford. Drive past Hartland and Clovelly and look out for The BIG Sheep flag.
  • If travelling by train, the closest train station is Barnstaple. From there, you can either get a taxi, or bus 319 towards Hartland.
  • If travelling via bus, there is only one bus that drives past the BIG Sheep, which is the 319 from Barnstaple town centre to Hartland. The nearest bus stop is outside Abbotsham church. From the bus stop, the venue is about a two to three-minute walk away. But often, the bus driver will stop outside the car the park to drop you off.

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