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The large pond lake of Hillsborough Park surrounding by a pathway.
South Yorkshire
Yorkshire and the Humber
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South Yorkshire
Yorkshire and the Humber
United Kingdom

Hillsborough Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • The 49-acre Hillsborough Park and Garden is a delightful open parkland in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
  • It is the site of the historic Hillsborough Hall, formerly owned by the renowned Dixon family and now housing an eclectic Sheffield City Council library.
  • Hillsborough Park features a family-favourite enchanted Walled Garden, which dates all the way back to 1779.
  • There is also a large duck pond, wonderful children's playground and plenty of great sports facilities on-site at this expansive Sheffield park.

Hillsborough Park and Garden is a huge historic parkland just north of Sheffield that is a firm favourite with families around the South Yorkshire region. Covering 49 acres of open green space, the area was created back in 1897 by the Sheffield Dixon family, who lived on-site at the Adam-style stone mansion of Hillsborough Hall. The Sheffield City Council now owns the park and its resident 19th-century house, and the vast rooms of the Hall are used as a wonderful local library.

This beautiful parkland has remained one of the most popular family locations in Sheffield with people from far and wide due to its large duck pond, superb playground and multitude of sports facilities on-site. Best-loved of all has to be Hillsborough's Walled Garden, an enchanting hidden gem situated just off of Middlewood Road. The unique Walled Garden is a fairy-tale come true for little wanderers, featuring a huge array of winding pathways, fairy houses, pretty flower beds, squirrel homes and plenty of picnic space to set up a magical meal together and see what mythical creatures you can spot in the shrubbery. The beloved Walled Garden dates all the way back to 1779 when it was most likely a fruit orchard, and its natural charm has been retained ever since. Kids will also love the wonderful children's playground within Hillsborough Park, which features wooden climbing frames, awesome basket swings, a metallic 'Snake's Head' slide and new activity trails thanks to the recent upgrade work undertaken by the park's management team.

A wooden igloo frame at Hillsborough Park.

Elsewhere in this gorgeous Sheffield park, visitors can enjoy a huge range of games and sports on the vast green lawns and smooth pathways, perfect for cycling, scooting and strolling as a family. There are also some great sports activities available on-site, including floodlit tennis courts, ball games and a new figure of eight jogging trails which creates a perfect route to explore around the park. Nature lovers young and old will love taking in some fresh air on the expansive fishing lake, feeding the ducks in the glistening pond and seeing what wildlife you can spot amongst the park's luscious trees. Within the Hillsborough Library itself, which now occupies the historic hall, families can enjoy the wonderful children's library and range of free story-time sessions on offer throughout the year, including baby-tailored classes.

Hillsborough Park has recently undergone a whole heap of renovation work to make its playground, Walled Garden, Pavilion and sports tracks even greater for visitors young and old. Its playground has been named as one of the Top 14 Playground Parks in Sheffield, and its charming Walled Garden is a must-see hidden delight for little ones. For more stunning natural settings in the scenic countryside of South Yorkshire, be sure to visit the renowned Sheffield Botanical Gardens and English Heritage site of Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, a wonderful day out for all the family.

What to know before you go

  • The Hillsborough Park and Garden opening times are from dawn until dusk every day.
  • Hillsborough Park Sheffield is free to enter.
  • Hillsborough Park is accessible for wheelchair users and buggies with paved pathways throughout.
  • There are accessible toilet facilities on-site within the park.
  • Dogs are welcome in the grounds of Hillsborough Park.
  • There are public male and female toilet facilities on-site at Hillsborough Park.
  • Children are warmly welcome at Hillsborough, and there are lots of great family activities available at the park.
  • The expansive Hillsborough Park and Garden grounds are open for plenty of outdoor activities and sports games, with tennis courts and a fishing lake located on site.
  • Don't miss the much-loved Walled Garden featuring fairy houses, picnic spots and squirrel feeding opportunities.
  • There is currently no designated café on site at Hillsborough, but the delightful Jam's Café is situated just alongside the park.
  • For more eating and drinking venues near to Hillsborough Park Sheffield and Middlewood Road, your family can head to funky food outlet Cutlery Works, the delicious Depot Bakery, Make No Bones vegan restaurant, and the innovative Church - Temple of Fun café.
  • Many family Hillsborough events take place near to the park throughout the year, including the Christmas Lights Switch On, Peddler Market, Love to Climb experiences and plenty of Peak District walking opportunities.
  • Hillsborough Hall Library also offers great children's story-telling sessions and baby groups throughout the week. For more information, please view their website and do check ahead for the session's opening times.
  • There are many hotels near Hillsborough Park Sheffield if you are planning a longer visit to the area, including The Garrison Hotel, Crowne Plaza Royal Victoria and the KSpace rental apartments.

Getting there

  • Hillsborough Park and Garden is located off of Middlewood Road and Parkside Road, just three miles north-west of Sheffield city centre in the region of South Yorkshire.
  • If you are travelling to the venue by car, Hillsborough Park is situated just off of the A61 Penistone Road. There is a large free Hillsborough Park car park on-site at Parkside Road.
  • You can also find car parking closer to Sheffield city centre at the NCP Solly Street car park and Campo Lane car park.
  • Hillsborough Park is accessible via multiple bus routes in the area, including the number 20 route which serves Middlewood Road and the number 53 route which runs via Penistone Road.
  • The Sheffield Hillsborough Park Tram Stop is on the yellow tram route via Middlewood Road.
  • The nearest station to the park is Sheffield Station, which is located just three miles away.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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