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Natu is the Tiny Bird Pokémon, a Psychic/Flying dual type.

Natu transforms into Xatu at level 25. Natu initially appeared in 'Pokémon Gold/Silver', the second generation of Pokémon games.

It first appeared in the main series anime in the episode 'Doin' What Comes to Natu-rally!,' which featured a father-son fortune reading team.

Xatu is a green, condor-like Pokémon with long, red-and-black tipped white wings covering most of its face. Designs resembling red eyeballs can be found under its wings. Xatu's design features highlights of black, yellow, and red in addition to its predominant green hue.

A male Xatu has an additional set of yellow stripes. It has almond-shaped eyes, a large, hooked beak, and two long red feather crests. Xatu is a flying type of Pokémon.

Unique Xatu Nicknames

These high-altitude flying-type Pokémon nicknames will take you to the atmosphere's edge! They're ideal for Talonflame, Staraptor, Togekiss, Zapdos, and other Pokémon. You'll discover brilliant, charming, cool, and amusing nicknames for specific flying type Pokémon below, followed by a slew of generic options.

  • Aerial - The name of a Pokémon that rules the skies. It is one of the most popular Pokémon nicknames.
  • Ajax - A Greek word that means 'eagle.' Indeed, it is one of the most interesting nickname ideas for a Pokémon.
  • Bird Brain - Not the brightest flying Pokémon you've ever encountered.
  • Griffin - Named after the fabled half-eagle, half-lion creature.
  • Jet Stream - A Pokémon that can travel faster than a jet.
  • Kestrel - A  bird species that belongs to the falcon family.
  • Prophet - A great name choice for a Xatu. Here the word Prophet has no religious connotation but certainly does have some mystical connotations.
  • Stratosphere - One of our atmosphere's uppermost layers and makes for an impressive nickname.
  • Turkey Brain - Another popular flying Pokémon.
  • Vortex - A whirlwind of wind or liquid. It is a great name choice for a psychic-type Pokémon.
  • Zenith - A Pokémon capable of reaching the highest spots in the sky.

Funny Xatu Nicknames

Let's look at the list of funny nicknames for the Psychic/ Flying type Pokémon Xatu.

  • Aileron - A section of a plane's wings and would certainly make for a great Xatu nickname.
  • Concorde - The world's first supersonic commercial airplane and a great choice for a Xatu nickname.
  • Downdraft - A downward stream of air. A great name choice for a Xatu.
  • Eagle-Eye - An impressive name for a Pokémon character.
  • Hawk-Eye - An extremely accurate and disciplined Pokémon.
  • Hawking - Appropriate for a flying Pokémon that resembles a hawk, as well as a possible allusion to Stephen Hawking.
  • Horikoshi - Named after Jiro Horikoshi, a Japanese aeronautical engineer who served in WWII.
  • Hurricane - A tropical and extremely powerful storm would be a powerful Xatu nickname.
  • Raven - A flying Pokémon with a sinister side.
  • Skyburst - A name inspired by a Transformers character and is an impressive choice for a Xatu nickname.
  • SR-71 - Inspired by the SR-71 Blackbird, one of the fastest planes ever built.
  • Stratus Cloud - A low-lying stratus cloud. These words will certainly make for an impressive nickname.
  • Zazu - Inspired by the 'Lion King' character of the same name.

Cool Xatu Nicknames

Stuck trying to come up with a cool moniker for your freshly captured flying Pokémon? We all know that giving your Pokémon a fantastic moniker may make them seem much more customized, but sometimes we just don't know what to name them. Thankfully, you will never have to worry about Pokémon nicknames again after today since we have prepared a massive list of over Flying-type Pokémon (Xatu) nicknames for you.

  • Air Freak - A name for a character who is always in the air.
  • Air Force - Named after the official aircraft of the United States president.
  • Falcon - A name inspired by the famous bird of prey.
  • Icarus - A Greek mythological character flying dangerously near the sun.
  • Osprey - A name inspired by another bird of prey.
  • Peregrine Falcon - The name is inspired by a species of falcon.
  • Rooster - A name that takes its inspiration from a male chicken as it is referred to as a rooster.
  • Skyraider - An attacking Pokemon name inspired by the Douglas A-1 Skyraider.
  • SundayRoast - The name of a Pokémon that would be ideal for a Sunday roast.
  • Vulture - A name for a Pokémon inspired by vultures.
  • Wind - A good basic name for a starter-level Pokémon.

Catchy Xatu Nicknames

Here are a few catchy nicknames for the flying type Xatu Nicknames.

  • Adolphe - Named after Adolphe Célestin Pégoud, the first fighter ace.
  • Airy- The name for a Pokémon that spends a lot of time flying around.
  • Gilder - A good pick for a Pokémon who primarily flies between cities.
  • Cloud9 - A play on the term 'on cloud nine,' which indicates 'in a condition of ecstasy or contentment.'
  • FlyBoy - The name for an awesome Pokémon.
  • FlyGirl - A suitable name choice for a Pokémon.
  • Leatherwing - A name that takes its inspiration from the famous Batman series.
  • Nimbus - Latin for 'cloud'.
  • Phoenix - An excellent pick.
  • Quail - The name is inspired by a tiny bird that is frequently heard rather than seen.
  • Shadow Caster - The name suitable for a character who likes flying so high that its shadow is clearly visible.
  • Tomahawk - Named after the Piper PA-38 Tomahawk small aircraft.
  • Wings - An optimal name choice. As you may know, most flying Pokémon have wings.
  • Zephyr - A great name as the Zephyr is a light and gentle breeze.

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