12 Blooming Wonderful Flower Art Projects

Amy Lines
Dec 12, 2023 By Amy Lines
Originally Published on Apr 27, 2020
Paper flowers in shades of pink.

So Spring is technically almost here, but judging by the glorious weather we've been having- it's already arrived!

So, to celebrate even more sunny days ahead, why not decorate the house with some beautiful blooms? Homemade flower art can brighten up any space, and the best part is that these flowers won't wilt, not to mention crafts are a great way to occupy the kids whilst creating something really special (homeschooling art lesson, anyone?).

We have found 12 great ways to get arty and crafty, using all sorts of materials, some of which you are very likely to already have either at home or might find in the recycling.

Flowers are always a welcome gift too, so you could make a few extra and give some cute springtime gifts to friends, neighbours and family- from a safe distance/straight through the letterbox of course.

Each of these ideas can be interpreted in your way, using whatever you have to hand, so let your imaginations- and indoor gardens - go wild!

1. Cardboard Flower Garden

Cardboard flowers in their little pots look lovely all lined up on a shelf or windowsill. You will need, corrugated cardboard (regular will work it's just not quite so sturdy!

), glue, paint and some kitchen roll or loo roll tubes! You could also get creative and create a little scalloped edge around the flower pots or stick some more shapes around the outside, be adventurous with paint and pattern, they don't have to be realistic- the more imaginative the better!

2. Cupcake Case Flowers

These cupcake case flowers are so cute you will want to make a whole bunch!

All you need are cupcake cases, various sizes look great layered up, glue, green paint and lolly sticks. If you have some round stickers you could pop one in the middle of the flower, or add some glitter or paint!

This flower craft is super simple and by the end, they don't even look like cupcake cases, the lolly stick makes these really easy to tuck in around the edge of plant pots you might already have at home to add another pop of springtime.

3. Origami Tulips

Origami flowers look so beautiful and are actually surprisingly easy to make. Origami also makes a lovely gift to pop in the post as they obviously fold down!

This tutorial for tulips is super simple, you can add the stem too to make it totally 3D or stick the flower onto card and draw the rest.

Maybe make enough of these to cover the whole windowsill and brighten up the outside too for passers-by on their daily outing! If you were making a May Day basket with a selection of crafted flowers, you could also add a couple of these super cute little butterflies too.

4. Daffodils

Is there a lovelier sign of Spring than all the daffodils popping up? Make your own beautiful piece of daffodil art with just paper, scissors and glue!

If you have different shades of yellow and some green and white paper then great, but you could also paint plain paper or use colourful pages cut out of magazines to make these! This 3D flower involves quite a bit of cutting and folding, good practise for little ones but make sure you are nearby!

5.Giant Flower Backdrop

These massive flowers are not only fun and very easy to make, but look amazing stuck or hung all over a wall to create a backdrop for a fun photoshoot!

As we are all at home so much these days it could be nice to get all dressed up and take some cute family photos, if you have a birthday over lockdown or another celebration like an anniversary, this is a great way to decorate too! You will need tissue paper sheets, scissors and masking tape.

This backdrop would look amazing with lots of rainbow colours, very on theme for lockdown and May Day!

6. Paper Plate Flowers

If you have ever saved the last few paper plates after a party, this is an excellent way to use them up! The effect of these flowers is so pretty, much like the giant tissue flowers they would make a great backdrop for a fun May Day or Spring inspired photoshoot!

You will need paper plates, scissors, a stapler and either a glue gun, or PVA glue, or even blu tack would work as this is just to secure the centre of the flower.

7. Hand Print Flowers

This idea could not be easier, although it can get a little messy!! You will need paint, paper or card, and some straws or lolly sticks for stems.

Simply make a lot of handprints in all different colours, once dry carefully cut them out, and attach to the stems!

These are a lovely keepsake, you could write the child's name and age on the back too. You could create a giant flower with the handprints as petals, get the whole family involved and make a bouquet with everyone's handprint, or forget the stems and fan the handprints out on a sheet of paper to create a flower-shaped collage!

8. Egg Box Flower Wreath

Egg boxes are so much fun to use for craft, if you don't already use them for something else this is a great reason to save them from the recycling and keep for 'junk' modelling instead!

Not only are they an interesting shape but often they are made of textured cardboard, which looks great painted.

They can be a little tricky to cut up however, due to awkward angles so if you are crafting with a little one, perhaps do this part before you start so they can just stick and paint!

9. Rolled Paper Roses

These rolled paper roses are great for all sorts of flower crafts, you could use them to decorate a May Day basket picture with a 3D twist, you could attach stems and add them to a flower pot, or make a bouquet, or make lots of different sizes for a Frida-inspired flower crown.

If you have a hot glue gun this works really well for securing the base quickly as these flowers are quick to spring back!

10. Tissue Paper Flower Scrunching

This technique for making a flower picture is perfect for little kids, they will love the ripping and scrunching!

Simply draw a bold flower outline on some paper or card, coloured card looks good, then take sheets of tissue paper, tear a little piece, scrunch it up and stick it down!

Fill in the outlines of the flower in different colours, such as all the petals and the centre in contrasting colours- you could also scrunch some white tissue paper for clouds and yellow for a bright sunshine.

Perhaps cut the tissue paper into little squares before you start this activity to make it super easy for little hands!

11. Button Flowers

This is the perfect craft for using up any odd buttons you may have saved over the years, it's so easy to build a collection of spares from clothing labels!

Simply tip all the buttons out and let the kids arrange them into different flower shapes on paper before sticking down, with older kids you could even make the button flowers using a needle and thread and have them sew the buttons on, also a useful skill to learn!

12. Blooming Flower Crowns

The perfect May Day adornment for all!

You can really go any way you like with this idea, you just need to start with a fairly wide strip of cardboard that will fit around your/your little person's head.

You could make an assortment of flowers to stick onto the crown using other ideas on this list, or you could cut up lots of colourful magazine pages to make flowers- if you have gardening magazines even better you could use cut-outs of real flowers!

Cover the headband using a glue stick, stapler, tape- whatever you have, the crazier the better, if there was ever a time for wearing a totally wildflower crown, it's now!

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