11 Year Old Party Ideas That Take The Cake

Ellie Sylvester
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Originally Published on Jul 03, 2020
11 Year Old Party Ideas
Age: 0-99
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As your children become tweens, planning birthday parties can prove a little more difficult and that's exactly why we're here with the top birthday party ideas to provide some serious inspiration.

Whether your kids are seriously into sports and crafts or enjoy karaoke and laser tag, we've got something for all interests and costs. Rest assured, these party ideas for 11-year-olds will see your kids celebrate with a birthday party they'll never forget.

Baking Party

Mmmm... can we smell cookies in the oven? Baking birthday parties are great for tweens!

Gather your closest friends together and host your very own bake-off birthday. Perhaps, you could split into teams: planning, baking, decorating - you know what they say, too many cooks spoil the broth - that way, you’re bound to end up with some delicious sweet treats good enough for Mary Berry herself.

It’s a chance to truly unleash your inner creativity and also tuck into some seriously sweet treats after!

Movie Marathon Party

Action! Don your comfiest clothes, bag a space on the sofa and grab some popcorn to host your own movie marathon kids birthday party!

Depending on the interests of your children, select a range of movies that are appropriate and then make your very own cinema at home - who needs fancy party venues?

In your affordable and effective home cinema, set out some comfy blankets and cushions, have popcorn cups at the ready and don’t forget to dim the lights when the film starts.

Bowling Party

This bowling party theme is bound to strike a chord with your tweens! Whether you want to head to your local bowling alley or set it up using some bowling pins and house-friendly bowling balls, bowling parties are great for both boys and girls and are a super simple but fun option.

Don’t forget bowling themed refreshments including cake pops as bowling balls and sandwich shaped skittles!

11 Year Old Party Ideas

Painted Pottery Party

Get your arts and crafts hats on and a steady hand for this painted pottery themed kids party! Another great unisex option and perfect for older kids who are a little old for finger painting and play-doh.

Plus, painted pottery is proven to be extremely beneficial for children; including benefiting their mental health and wellbeing, providing children with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as well as allowing their imaginations to run wild!

Football Party

A classic but a goodie. Football themed kids birthday parties always go down a treat, plus it’s super fun to spend time outdoors and soak in the summer rays!

Whether your children enjoy friendly matches, goal practice or even more laid-back games like dodgeball - with a football party, anything goes! Not to mention the football-themed party food - you could use hard-boiled eggs as footballs and chips and guacamole for the pitch - game on!

Laser Tag Party

Laser Tag birthday parties are always a blast! Popular with both boys and girls, and with endless party games to play inside the laser zones, this party is bound to satisfy your craving for unique and fun birthday party ideas.

Get all of their closest friends together and let the laser battle commence this birthday party! The majority of laser tag centres are completely family-friendly and make sure that all safety measures are in place to avoid any injuries in battle.

11 Year Old Party Ideas

Karaoke Party

Have your singing voices at the ready to make some noise this 11th birthday party! Grab an air guitar, mic and sing your heart out to some absolute tunes.

Whether you want to head to your local karaoke party venues or simply create your own at home using a TV screen with Youtube videos playing instrumental tracks - kids can wow their friends with their impressive singing and boogie to some classics.

Roller Skating Party

Perhaps parents remember the days of roller skating birthday parties from their childhood. Well, the truth is, they never really went away.

Kids can don their roller skates and show off their skills - bonus points if the grown-ups join in! Don’t forget to munch on some roller skating themed food to refuel - cheese is super easy to carve into a roller boot shape and you could use sandwiches to form the rink!

Swimming Party

Dive into your child's 11th birthday with a swimming themed party!

Make a splash at your local swimming centre or if you’re lucky enough to know someone who owns a swimming pool in their back garden, host your very own swimming birthday party.

As the weather heats up not only is it the perfect way to cool off in the sun but it’s suitable for both boys and girls and never disappoints.

Don't forget super fun party games including diving to catch the weights and who can do a handstand for the longest!

Go Karting Party

Start your engines and zoom into your child's 11th birthday! Whether your kids are into cars or not, a go-karting party is one of our fave 11-year-old birthday ideas as it really gets the adrenaline going but is also one of the best unisex options.

Plus, it’s an opportunity for kids to get suited and booted in all the gear, stand on the winning podium and race their mates in a controlled and safe environment - it’s bound to be an unforgettable birthday party!

11 Year Old Party Ideas

Scavenger Hunt Party

You’re never too old for a good old’ scavenger hunt kids party! Split off into teams and each can either devise their own scavenger hunts for the others to find or leave it down to the grown-ups to do all the hiding!

Nothing says party ideas for 11-year-old boys and girls like rummaging around the garden for presents! Plus, you can’t forget the pirate-themed refreshments after - use orange slices for ships and pretzel sticks for wooden planks.

Neon Disco Party

Don your neon leg warmers and track down the best DJ in town! Undoubtedly one of the best party ideas - feel free to sing and dance your hearts out, throw some serious shapes on the dance floor and introduce your kids to some serious disco fever with your very own neon disco kids party!

Picnic In The Park Party

Who can resist a good picnic in the park? Plus, it’s even better when it’s for a birthday because it means double the fun and cake - or at least that’s what we heard!

Grab your picnic blankets, fill your baskets with all sorts of sweet treats and pitch up in the perfect spot in your local park for your very own picnic-themed kids party - bliss!

Science Party

Let’s get a little more sciency with this 11th birthday party. With everything from slime, simple experiments, space-themed fun and so much more, a science party will most definitely leave your party guests feeling intrigued and inspired!

Bonus points for serving astronaut ice-cream which is a great treat and can easily be found online - now that's a birthday cake you won't forget!

Magic Party

Abracadabra! Wow your kids this birthday and show off some seriously impressive magical stunts and tricks which will leave everyone in awe. Whether you choose to hire a magician or take on the magic tricks yourself, it’s bound to leave all party guests spell-bound.


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