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A family engaging in Easter activities, with children painting eggs and parents cooking in the background.

Easter is a time of joy and celebration, marked by time-honored traditions and the welcoming of spring. For many families, it's an opportunity to engage in a variety of fun activities that create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds.

With this special holiday around the corner, there are plenty of fun things to do at home to make Easter truly memorable.

From the excitement of Easter egg hunts to the creativity of decorating eggs, the Easter holiday offers endless possibilities to have fun with the kids.

Families can explore new ways to honor traditional Easter activities and even create some new traditions of their own. The day is all about family, fun, and, of course, the occasional indulgence in delicious treats like chocolate eggs and jelly beans.

Even the Easter Bunny might get a little envious of all the fun Easter activities families can organize right at home! Using simple materials like art supplies from the dollar store or even just items you already have, there's a whole host of games, crafts, and projects to keep everyone entertained.

Let's hop into some egg-citing Easter activities that will keep the kids fully engaged throughout the Easter season, without any need to step out the door.

Host An At-Home Easter Egg Hunt

A family participating in an Easter egg hunt in their living room, with a child reaching under the sofa.

Nothing says 'Easter' quite like the classic game of an Easter egg hunt. Hide plastic Easter eggs filled with treats, stickers, or fun questions all around your house and backyard. Watch as the kids' excitement grows with each egg they find, making it a fun way to celebrate Easter with the whole family.

Get Crafty With Easter Egg Decorating

Gather some paints, brushes, and hard-boiled eggs or plastic Easter eggs for a session of Easter egg painting. Encourage the kids to express their creativity with pastel colors, creating their own Easter symbols like bunnies, chicks, and flowers on each egg.

Create An Easter Scavenger Hunt

Switch up the traditional egg hunt with an Easter scavenger hunt that leads to a special prize. Write clues related to the holiday, the Easter bunny, the Easter basket, the Easter egg, and jelly beans. You could also incorporate a party plan with tasks and fun Easter-themed challenges.

Bake Traditional Easter Treats Together

Easter provides a perfect excuse to bake delicious treats like Easter bread, cookies, and cupcakes. Get the whole family involved in measuring ingredients, mixing, decorating, and, of course, tasting! It's both fun and educational for kids to learn how to make traditional Easter treats.

Craft Your Own Easter Baskets

With some art supplies, you and the kids can personalize your own Easter baskets. Have them decorate their baskets with items from around the house, like ribbons and stickers, making each basket as unique as the child who carries it.

Design A Bunny-Themed Easter Parade

Let the kids put on their own Easter parade at home, dressing up as the Easter Bunny or in colorful costumes. They can craft their own Easter bonnets and parade around the living room to some Easter-themed music.

Make Easter Greeting Cards For Loved Ones

A family crafting homemade Easter decorations at the living room table, surrounded by craft supplies.

Create homemade Easter cards with your kids to send to family and friends. Use materials like cardstock, markers, and stickers to make each card personal and heartfelt, celebrating Easter by spreading joy to others.

Assemble A DIY Easter Tree

Start a new Easter tradition with an Easter tree. Have the kids help you decorate a small tree or branches with ornaments like decorated eggs, ribbons, and mini Easter symbols. It's a festive way to celebrate Easter and can serve as a centerpiece for your Easter brunch.

Play Easter Games For Heaps Of Laughter

Organize Easter games like the egg and spoon race, and jelly bean guessing games, or create an Easter bingo set. Older kids and grown-ups can join in for wholesome family fun, offering a fun way to get everyone involved in the Easter celebrations.

Indulge In An Outdoor Easter Brunch

A family enjoying an Easter picnic in a blooming garden, with a child showing an Easter egg.

If the weather permits, take your Easter celebration outside with an Easter brunch in the garden. Decorate the table with Easter crafts, flowers, and, of course, some of the delicious treats you've baked together, allowing everyone to savor the holiday in the fresh air.

Set Up An Easter Craft Station

Turn a corner of your home into an Easter craft station filled with paper, crayons, glue, and all sorts of crafting materials. Provide Easter coloring pages, or let their imaginations run wild as they create Easter-themed masterpieces, from decorative eggs to Easter bunnies and chicks.

Grow A Garden Of Plastic Eggs

Planting flowers is a great way to celebrate the renewal that comes with the Easter season. Add a fun twist by "planting" plastic eggs among the flowers. Kids can enjoy finding eggs hidden in plain sight among the blooms, a fun Easter hunt that also lets them appreciate the beauty of nature.

Connect With A Virtual Easter Party Plan

Host a virtual get-together with family and friends, where kids can show off their Easter crafts, share the results of their egg hunts, or even perform their Easter parade. Distance won't stop the fun as the kids connect with loved ones and share their Easter celebration.

Concoct Easter-Themed Beverages And Snacks

Get creative in the kitchen with Easter-themed snacks like peep marshmallows on skewers, bunny-shaped sandwiches, and refreshing drinks garnished with jelly beans or a dollop of whipped cream. These delightful treats will surely be a hit for kids and adults alike.

Delight In A Chocolate Egg Tasting Session

For chocolate lovers, host a chocolate-egg-tasting party. Buy a selection of chocolate eggs and have everyone sample and rate them. It's not only a delightful treat but also a fun way to spark conversation and laughter among the family.

Have A Backyard Water Balloon Fight

If the weather is warm, why not have a water balloon fight? Fill balloons with water, maybe even add some food coloring for a vibrant twist, and let them loose in the backyard. It's a great way to cool off and add some action-packed fun to your Easter celebration.

Put Together An Easter Bingo Game

A family enjoying a game night, playing board games around a cluttered table in a cozy living room.

Create a bingo game with Easter themes and symbols. Each space can be filled with images like Easter eggs, bunnies, flowers, and other holiday motifs. Have small prizes like candy or tiny toys for the winners; it's a great way to engage the whole family in a classic game.

Set Up A Dress-Up Relay Race

Make a relay race more festive by adding an Easter twist. Participants can dress up in bunny ears, carry eggs, or wear pastel colors, as they run the relay. This fun game promotes physical activity while adding an element of competition and hilarity.

Curate A Playlist Of Easter Songs For A Dance Party

Dance to the rhythm of the Easter season by putting together a kid-friendly playlist of Easter songs. Have a dance party in the living room, letting everyone show off their moves while enjoying Easter-themed tunes as a musical way to celebrate the holiday.

Engage In Fun Easter Science Experiments

Stir up some educational fun by conducting simple science experiments with an Easter twist. For instance, test out how different liquids affect the dissolving rate of jelly beans or make homemade egg geodes with the help of some simple household ingredients.

Arrange A Special Easter Photo Shoot

Set up a DIY photo booth with Easter props like bunny ears, decorated egg cutouts, and spring backdrops. Capture some adorable family photos to treasure the memories. It's a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get creative and have a giggle or two.

Decorate Your Home With Easter Crafts

Spend time with the kids making decorations like Easter garlands, egg wreaths, or paper bunnies to enhance your home's holiday spirit. This fun crafting session allows kids to take pride in adding their personal touch to the Easter celebrations.

Design A Unique Easter Tic-Tac-Toe

Craft a unique tic-tac-toe board with Easter symbols like bunnies and eggs as the Xs and Os. It's a fun way to challenge each other to friendly competition and a pleasant pastime for the whole family to enjoy.

Whip Up Some Easter-Themed Slime

For those who love a bit of messy play, make some Easter-themed slime. Use pastel colors, glitter, and small Easter trinkets to make the slime, providing sensory enjoyment and a different texture for kids to explore.

Start A Tradition Of Easter Morning Surprises

A family baking Easter treats together in the kitchen, surrounded by baking ingredients and decorations.

Begin Easter Sunday with a trail of jelly beans leading to a new book, toy, or personalized message. The excitement of discovering Easter morning surprises sets the tone for a day filled with fun and festivities for the kids.

Have A Fun-filled Easter Bonnet Competition

Encourage creativity by hosting an Easter bonnet competition. Provide an assortment of materials like fabric scraps, ribbons, foam shapes, and flowers, and see what fantastic creations the kids come up with as a fun way to celebrate the artistic side of Easter.

Plant A Seed To Mark The Season

Easter is all about new beginnings, so why not plant some seeds with the kids? Whether it's flowers, vegetables, or herbs, watching the plants grow can be a metaphor for growth and hope, much like the themes of the Easter holiday.

Enjoy A Classic Movie with An Easter Theme

Wrap up your Easter fun with a family movie night featuring classic Easter-themed films. With a bowl of freshly popped popcorn and cozy blankets, the whole family can settle down for some screen time together.

Set Up An Easter Puzzle Challenge

Give those little minds a workout with an Easter-themed puzzle or a jigsaw. It's a thoughtful activity that also encourages problem-solving and perseverance, making it perfect for older kids who enjoy a good challenge.

Have A Marshmallow Peeps Building Contest

Using Peeps marshmallows, toothpicks, and creativity, see who can build the tallest or most imaginative structure. This playful competition combines fun engineering with tasty treats, they can all eat their creations at the end!

Wrap Up with A Reflective Easter Story Time

Conclude your Easter celebration with storytime that includes books about the Easter holiday. Choose stories that share messages of hope, renewal, and joy, embracing the essence of the Easter spirit.


What are some traditional Easter foods?

Easter is associated with various traditional foods that differ by culture but often include items like Easter bread (such as hot cross buns or Italian Easter bread), glazed hams, roasted lamb, and sweet treats like chocolate eggs and simnel cake.

Other common foods are Easter eggs, which can be chocolate or dyed and decorated chicken eggs, symbolizing new life and spring's arrival.

How can I ensure my Easter activities are age-appropriate for all my children?

Include a variety of activities that cater to different age groups. Try simple crafts and scavenger hunts for younger kids, and more complex puzzles and DIY projects for older ones. This ensures everyone has a great time.

What are some educational Easter activities for kids?

Educational Easter activities can include egg counting to develop math skills, learning about the science of egg dyeing, and discussing the history behind Easter traditions to enhance their knowledge about the holiday.Educational Easter activities can include egg counting to develop math skills, learning about the science of egg dyeing, and discussing the history behind Easter traditions to enhance their knowledge about the holiday.

Can Easter crafts facilitate skill development?

Absolutely, Easter crafts can be a fun way to develop fine motor skills, artistic expression, and decision-making. Activities like cutting, pasting, and drawing during egg decorating or basket making are excellent for skill-building.

How do classic games like the Spoon Race fit into Easter activities?

Classic games like the spoon race can be given an Easter twist by using eggs. These games add a dose of friendly competition and physical activity to the Easter festivities, making them enjoyable while promoting balance and coordination.

What role do treats play in Easter celebrations, and how can they be balanced with healthy choices?

Treats like candies and chocolate eggs are traditional indulgences that add excitement and sweetness to the celebration. Balance them with healthy choices by incorporating fruits and homemade snacks into the Easter spread.

Whether it's through an egg hunt, decorating Easter eggs, or creating crafts, there are so many fun things to do on Easter holidays at home. Each activity chosen promises a delightful experience, fostering a festive atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy.

By immersing in these fun Easter traditions, families not only make the holiday special but also create memories that will last much longer than the season itself. Celebrate Easter with creativity, laughter, and joy, and watch how these precious moments enrich the holiday for everyone involved.

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