7 Geography Craft Learning Activities That Rock

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Originally Published on Jul 07, 2020
geography craft activities kids
Age: 4-14
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Transport your kids around the world with these fun geography themed activities.

Let your kids have fun with these great craft activities which will enhance their geography-based learning, explore around the world and even strengthen some skills. There are so many things on earth that are worth exploring and are essential to your children's learning and growth.

If you're looking for a great way for your children to do their social studies then search no further; these geography crafts will get your kids thinking and learning about the world around them.

Geography Crafts For Preschoolers

Make Your Own Earth Puzzle

It is important from a young age that your children become familiar with the earth and its world map. Being able to recognise continents is an integral part of starting your geography journey around the world. This is a really simple and fun way to help your kids get creative and create their own map puzzle!

Draw the Earth on a piece of thick cardboard - use an atlas or a picture from the internet to ensure your world map is as accurate as possible. It might be worth drawing the outline for your children and then allowing them to paint it or colour it in as they wish.

Encourage your children to colour each continent in a different colour so that they can be distinguished from each other.

Now you need to cut round eat continent so that it can be removed from the map. This is another activity for the parent as it will require using a knife, scalpel or sharp scissors to remove each continent.

Then, all you need to do is place a push pin or thumbtack in each of the continents and you have your very own world map puzzle. Write the names of each continent on each one and use this time to teach your kids about the different places around the world.

Pinpoint major countries, animals and cultures to each continent that are interesting and relevant to your children.

Create A Circle Chart

geography craft activities kids

While learning about the world it is also important for your kids to know about the geography of their own lives and where they are in the world. This geography craft is a really fun way to help your kids learn their address and discover more about their home town and country.

The way this works is by cutting out circles from different coloured card and decreasing size so they all place one on top of the other:

Cut out 8 circles from the different coloured card, each one smaller than the next. You want all your circles to be on top of each other with the top of the circles meeting up and being able to see all the other circles beneath it.

Label each circle at the bottom these labels starting with the smallest: Me, My Home, My Town, My County, My Country, My Continent, My Planet and lastly (the biggest circle), My Place in Space.

The circles should be placed on top of each other in such a way that all the circles can be held at the top and all the labels at the bottom of each circle are visible.

Then hole punch the top of all the circles in the same place and tie them together with string. This should leave you with a pile of circles that can be moved from side to side and reveal a picture underneath.

Now you can fill your relevant circle chart in! Get your children to fill in each circle with drawings and annotations to help them learn about all the things about their home address!

Top Tip: This is also a good exercise for KS1 children who haven't learnt their addresses yet.

Around The World With KS1

geography craft activities kids

Create a Life Cycle or Water Cycle Posters

Most things around the world work in cycles; whether it's plants, animals or even the water around us. This geography crafts activity will help your kids explore the cycles in social studies of the world.

Pick something in the world that has a cycle, preferably something that your kids like or have an interest in; this could be the life cycle of a sunflower, a caterpillar or even the cycle of how rain is formed.

Then research your cycle so that your whole family now knows the ins and outs of your chosen cycle. Next, challenge kids to create a colourful and exciting poster that will map out the life of their chosen specimen.

Top Tip: You could even make this a family activity and pick different things to explore as a great way to get your family together and learn about the fun side of geography!

Great Geography Activities For KS2

geography craft activities kids

Papier Mache Globe

Papier Mache is a really fun and easy craft activity that only uses 4 ingredients: a balloon, strips of newspaper, flour and water. Mix your flour and water so that is it a thick and runny consistency.

Then dip your strips of newspaper in the mixture and paste it all over the balloon so that it is entirely covered in newspaper strips.

Once the newspaper is dry, the sphere shape should become solid and then you can pop the balloon inside to be left with a globe. Then decorate your globes and map out the world's seas and continents so you can learn while you craft.

Make Your Own Volcano

geography craft activities kids

Engage your kids in some physical geography by teaching them about the formation of volcanoes; one of the natural phenomena of this world. While there is a lot of science behind the formation of volcanoes it is easy to explain to a young audience because of the simple structure of tectonic plates.

Teach your kids about their formation before you make your very own erupting volcano with this easy guide. Feel free to get creative and explore different materials to use for your structure without using clay if you don't have any; the main event is the eruption anyway!

Explore The Earth With KS3

geography craft activities kids

Food Investigation

There is so much to explore when it comes to the origins and productions of food. Why not let your kids search where their favourite foods come from in this fun investigation research project.

You could start by picking your favourite family recipe and exploring where each ingredient in that recipe comes from. Use this interactive map to help you discover the biggest producers of each food by tapping the add layer button and scrolling down to food.

When the research is finished why not create your very own world food map poster to hang in your kitchen for everyone to see.

This can easily be a family project to do together and why stop at food? Search through animal ranges or human population to extend your kids' knowledge and enjoy these geography craft activities as a great way to extend your map skills at home.

Top Tip: Why not get the kids to develop their cooking skills too, and learn how to make recipes from the countries they are looking at?

Draw a Map Of An Imaginary Island!

Engage your children with geography crafts that will stretch your kid's imagination. Learn map reading skills with your kids and then use this to also make your very own map of your imaginary island.

Use a key and symbols to denote key features of the island so your imaginary guests can find their way around, and perhaps even search for treasure!

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