The Best Harry Potter Origami Ideas For Crafty Witches And Wizards

Persis Love
Dec 12, 2023 By Persis Love
Originally Published on Aug 28, 2020
'Harry Potter' spelled out in folded book pages.

Image © Dominik Meissner.

If you have got any Harry Potter fans in the family then these are some really fun and easy to follow paper folding projects that will keep everyone entertained.

From the sorting hat to a Nimbus 2000, there's a whole lot of Harry Potter paraphernalia straight from the wizarding world that can be made out of paper. Making these Harry Potter origami pieces is a fun way to spend a family afternoon together, plus once you have them they make great toys for children to play with.

Origami, from the Japanese oru (meaning 'to fold') and kami ('paper'), is the ancient art of folding paper. It's the ideal craft to do with kids because, as well as needing very few materials, it is actually proven to be very good for the brain.

Paper folding projects can help to improve hand-eye coordination, mental concentration and memory skills.

Also, it is a great mindfulness activity so perfect for a bit of de-stressing for parents and children. What could be better than relaxing and calming together as a family, while creating your very own bespoke paper Harry Potter crafts.

Take your pick from our five brilliant origami, Harry Potter crafts below: which one will you make first?

Nimbus 2000 Broomstick

Little girl flying on a broomstick in the park.

Image © Leo Rivas

The Hogwarts essential for any witch or wizard aspiring to get onto the Quidditch team. This is an easy one to get started on!

Ages: 5+

Materials Needed: A square of brown origami paper, scissors, string or a small elastic band.


1. Cut your square in half lengthways.

2. Make a fold of about 0.5cm along the long end of the paper.

3. Turn the paper over and, from the same end you made the first crease on, fold another 0.5cm back the other way.

4. Keep repeating these steps until you have made a concertina.

5. Press the creases of the concertina firmly together then fold the whole thing in half.

6. Tie your string about a quarter of the way from the non-folded end and use your fingers to tease the concertina out.

Top Tip: Try creasing your broomstick a bit for that authentic wizarding world, Harry Potter distressed look.

Harry Potter Origami Hedwig

Orange Harry Potter origami Hedwig.

Image © Chris Lott

These instructions make a really easy origami owl that is perfect even for young children. Our Kidadl craft experts recommend using white paper because children love to colour or pattern their owl afterwards. You could even make a cute little origami envelope to go with it to get fully into the wizarding world, Harry Potter vibes.

Ages: 5+

Materials Needed: A square of paper, a pen.


1. Fold your paper in half diagonally, then open it back up again and position so the diagonal crease faces vertically away from you.

2. To make the wings, bring the left and right hand corners downwards and halfway into the middle. The bottom of the wings should be in a straight line and horizontal to you.

3. Fold the point at the top straight down so the point is in line with the wings. Then fold half of this part back up again, so it's sticking over the top of your owl.

4. To make the beak, take the point that is sticking up and fold it down between the wings so it just pokes out.

5. To make the tail, flip your owl over and fold the bottom point up to meet the top edge. Now fold the point down again so it just pokes out beneath the bottom of the owl. This is the tail.

6. Flip the owl over and get decorating. Why not add some eyes either side of the beak?

Hogwarts Sorting Hat

Family sat at the table cutting paper to do Harry Potter origami.

If you and your child want to learn how to make a sorting hat, these easy to follow origami hat instructions are just what you need to add to your Harry Potter origami collection.

Age: 6+

Materials Needed: A square of paper (ideally black or brown).


1. First, fold your piece of paper diagonally in half and position so the long side is facing towards you.

2. Imagine the triangle divides into thirds from the top point downwards. Take the left side and fold it over the middle third. Now take the right side and do the same. You should have a cone with two triangles pointing out of the bottom.

3. Fold each of those bottom triangles in half so the edge is in line with the bottom of your hat, then fold them up over the bottom of the hat to form the rim.

4. Now open up the cone of your hat and squash and crease the top. You want to make it look old and creased like the original Harry Potter sorting hat. There you go, you now know how to make an origami hat!

Easy Harry Potter Origami Snitch

Little girls sat at the table doing origami.

You've got the broomstick, now all you need is an origami snitch to catch.

Ages: 7+

Materials Needed: A square of yellow or gold paper, white paper or card, scissors, sticky tape.


1. Make an origami waterbomb out of gold or yellow paper using our How To Make An Origami Water Bomb: Step By Step Guide.

2. Cut wings out of the white paper and fold the ends of them back to make a little flap.

3. To finish your Harry Potter origami snitch use sticky tape to attach the wings to either side of your water bomb.

Harry Potter Jumping Chocolate Frog

Green origami frog on a green paper lily pad.

Image © Matt Gibson

Follow these instructions for a Harry Potter origami frog to make a fun toy that actually jumps!

Ages: 5+

Materials Needed: A square of brown paper, colouring pens and pencils.


1. Fold your paper in half vertically into a rectangle, keeping the coloured side on the outside.

2. Fold the top corners of your rectangle down one by one, so you end up with an 'X' across the top.

3. Pinch the sides of the 'X' in on themselves to meet in the middle and crease along the folds. You should end up with triangle top to your rectangle.

4. Fold the bottom edge of your rectangle up to meet the base of the triangle.

5. Push one flap of your triangle to the opposite side so it doesn't get creased. Next fold the side of your chocolate frog in halfway and crease.

6. Repeat on the other side so you have a narrow rectangle with the triangle flat on the top.

7. Fold the bottom of the rectangle up to the triangle base.

8. Fold the two corners of this down to create a point. Next, unfold them and turn the corners inside out so they are the full width of the base of the triangle, creating a boat shape on the bottom.

9. Now flatten these corner flaps into the middle creating a point at the bottom and a join line vertically down the middle.

10. For the legs, fold the bottom corners outwards and the corners of the triangle flap upwards.

11. Now to make your Harry Potter chocolate frog jump, fold it in half and then fold the top edge back on itself so you have a 'Z' shape fold and the legs are pointing out in the right direction.

12. Finally, turn your chocolate frog over and draw some eyes on.

Fun Idea: Why not get your children to design their own Harry Potter paper or Harry Potter scenes to go with the origami?

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