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Dec 12, 2023 By Ellie Sylvester
Originally Published on May 14, 2020
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As more public places open their doors again, we shouldn't neglect the capital's greatest assets: its many beautiful parks.

Whether you’re looking for a local spot in which to exercise, or something a bit more adventurous, we’ve rounded up the top 7 best parks in Central London so you can get your nature fix.  

Plus, if you’re wondering how to make the most out of your time outside with your children, check out our blog here for plenty of tips and tricks!

Remember to keep following government advice for England regarding travel.

1. Green Park

Right next to the iconic Buckingham Palace, Green Park boasts incredible greenery. Whilst you and your kids are wandering through this luscious park don’t forget to look out for the vast range of memorials, fountains and statues in the park!

As one of London’s best outdoor gems and one of the four royal parks, it’s the perfect park for strolling and spotting a few famous landmarks as you go.

Where is it? Green Park, London, SW1A 1AA

Nearest tube station: The closest Tube stations to Green Park are Green Park (Jubilee, Victoria and Piccadilly Lines) and Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly Line).

Is it buggy friendly? Yes, Green Park is buggy-friendly.

Where are the toilets? There are toilets and a food kiosk at the green park underground station side of the park. Unfortunately, there are no baby-changing facilities on-site.

Outdoor amenities: The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk, deck chairs, breathtaking nature

Size: Green Park covers over 40 acres so there’s plenty of space to social distance!

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2. Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is a firm Kidadler favourite! From the ZSL London Zoo on the North side to it’s extensive sports facilities and wandering paths, perfect for an afternoon stroll, it's a winner.

Where is it? Regent’s Park, Chester Rd, London NW1 4NR

Nearest tube station: Regent's Park Tube station (Bakerloo line) offers step free access. Other stations nearby include Baker Street (Hammersmith & City, Circle, Jubilee, Metropolitan and Bakerloo lines).

Is it buggy friendly? Yes, Regent's Park is buggy-friendly.

Where are the toilets? Baby-changing facilities and toilets are provided adjacent to the main areas of interest around the park and specifically nearby the play areas.

Parking: Pay and display parking is offered from 9am-6.30pm but is limited, so public transport may be a better option.

Outdoor amenities: Beautiful gardens, sports pitches, boating area, five children’s play areas!

Size: Stretching a whopping 410 acres, there’s plenty of space to social distance!

3. St James Park

Another breathtaking royal park, St James Park is smack bang in the centre of London and offers some great family fun. Wander across The Blue Bridge for an incredible view of Buckingham Palace and the London Eye and visit Duck Island on your way out to get up close and personal with some birds!

Where is it? St James Park, London, SW1A 2BJ

Nearest tube station: The closest tube stations are all less than a 10-minute walk away and are St James's Park (District and Circle line), Charing Cross Station (Northern, Bakerloo and British Rail lines) and Westminster (Jubilee, District and Circle lines).

Is it buggy friendly? Yes, St James's Park is buggy friendly.

Where are the toilets? Toilets are located in the St James's Cafe and baby-changing facilities are available.

Outdoor amenities: Stunning flower beds, a range of viewpoints including The Blue Bridge and Duck Island

Size: Covering 58 acres, there’s plenty of space to social distance!

4. Hyde Park

Perhaps the most famous of the bunch, Hyde Park is a magnet for the capital's nature lovers! At 350 acres, it’s perfect for taking long walks and even picnics when the weather brightens up. Don’t forget to check out the sports pitches and play area along South Carriage Drive.

Where is it? Hyde Park, London, W2 2UH

Nearest tube station: The tube stations that surround Hyde Park are: Lancaster Gate (Central Line), Marble Arch (Central Line), Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly Line) and Knightsbridge (Piccadilly Line).

Is it buggy friendly? Yes, Hyde Park is buggy-friendly.

Where are the toilets? Toilets are located by the cafe near the arch.

Parking: Pay and Display parking is available on West Carriage Drive and in car parks at either end of Serpentine Bridge

Outdoor amenities: Rowboats, stunning gardens, fountains, wildlife, nature walks, sports pitches and play area

Size: Stretching a massive 350 acres, there’s plenty of space to social distance!

5. Kensington Gardens

Release your inner child at Kensington Gardens - home to the Peter Pan statue and incredible Princess of Wales Memorial Playground (check for updates surrounding the opening in light of COVID-19)! Roam around these royal gardens and marvel at the rich history and heritage behind this special place.

Where is it? Kensington Gardens, London, W2 2UH

Nearest tube station: Queensway (Central Line) is the closest step-free station to the park.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes, the gardens are buggy and wheelchair accessible.

Where are the toilets? Baby-changing and children's toilets can be found next to the playground.

Parking: We would advise taking public transport to Kensington Gardens, but if you are coming by car there is the NCP Royal Garden Hotel car park on 2 - 24 Kensington High Street.

Outdoor amenities: Diana Princess of Wales' Memorial Playground, stunning nature and fountains, Peter Pan statue

Size: Stretching a huge 250 acres, there’s plenty of space to social distance!

6. Coram’s Fields

Coram’s Fields isn’t open as of yet but we can’t wait until it is! This large urban space in Central London provides unique, family-oriented fun with something for every age in the family. With epic playgrounds, sandpits and even a small duck pond, there’s no shortage of outdoor, family fun here.

Where is it? 93 Guilford St, London WC1N 1DN

Nearest tube station: The nearest step free station is King's Cross St Pancras. The nearest tube station is Russell Square (Piccadilly line) which is a 7-minute walk away.

Is it buggy-friendly? Yes, Coram's Fields is buggy friendly.

Where are the toilets? There are special children's toilets and changing facilities available in the park.

Parking: There is metered parking in the area, which is rather costly, so try to stick with public transport if you can.

Outdoor amenities: The play area, of course, sandpits, duck pond  (Please check their website to see opening times in light of COVID-19)

Size: At only 7 acres, we recommend taking social distancing measures and avoiding busy time such as lunchtime to make the most of this small but mighty space!

7. Holland Park

Home to one of London’s most breathtaking gardens - Holland Park is a green space worth visiting for the sheer beauty alone (not to mention how relaxing a stroll around here is!) For the little adventurers, head to the play area complete with a zip wire and tyre swing!

Where is it? Ilchester Pl, Kensington, London W8 6LU

Nearest tube station: The closest underground stations are High Street Kensington and Notting Hill Gate, neither of which have step-free access so you might want to bring another person if you have a buggy to give you a bump up the stairs.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes, the park is buggy friendly.

Where are the toilets? Baby-changing facilities can be found alongside the toilets by the cafe.

Parking: Yes, there is a pay and display car park.

Outdoor amenities: Beautiful Japanese Garden, children’s play area, sports facilities

Size: Spanning 54 acres, it is one of the smaller spaces but there’s plenty of space to social distance!

Speaking of parks, you can check out our top spots for picnics in the sun here.

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