Book Tickets To The Ten Lakes Spectacular Tour From Windermere

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Book Tickets To The Ten Lakes Spectacular Tour From Windermere

Experience the excellent natural beauty of the Lake District in Britain in this Ten Lakes tour from Windermere. This eight-hour round trip full-day tour takes you on a mini-bus from the city with continuous onboard English commentary.

With this full-day tour ticket, you also get a 45 minutes lake cruise, and if that is unavailable, an alternative extra will be included. See the wild countryside of England as you travel through the Lake District with exquisite narration throughout.

While on the full-day tour, also stop at places like Newlands Valley, and Castlerigg Stone Circle for quick photo breaks.

You may even get to check out the Ashness Bridge. Have your lunch at one of the peaceful villages to understand more about the local life in the quaint villages, and enjoy some local specialities.

Don't miss this full-day tour that offers a relaxing and serene environment surrounded by stunning scenery. Book your Ten Lakes tour tickets today.

About Ten Lakes Tour From Windermere

What is the Ten Lakes tour?

It's not easy to find land as green and pleasant in England as the Lake District.

If you don't believe us, it's time to look for yourself as this Ten Lakes tour takes you on a journey around the Lake District and shows you many different attractions and locations along the way that will relieve you from any stresses you may have.

See traditional Lakeland villages and take in the culture of the people with some delicious food and, of course, a good cup of tea!

On this Ten Lakes tour, take a trip around the lush terrain of England with rolling countryside, hills, and deep blue lakes. On this full-day tour, also visit the Castlerigg Stone Circle (which is 4000-5000 years old!)

and ten remarkable lakes in the area. There's nothing better than to bask in the beauty of stunning mountain passes and views, gushing waterfalls, sloping beautiful valleys, and quaint villages Stop in between the full-day tour to take photos for your social media and preserve the memory of these places forever.

With a guide to explain everything on this Ten Lakes tour, travel to the Lake District and see the striking Lake District National Park on the full-day tour. Take the best seat in the minibus and see the beautiful spots and quaint villages of central Lakeland.

Learn about the history of these places you see on the way. Go down mountain passes, embark on a journey of a waterfall, and visit ten of the prettiest lakes of the Lake District on this Ten Lakes tour.

See Buttermere Lake and Thirlmere Lake of the Lake District on this full-day tour.

Explore places like Buttermere Valley, along with villages like Grasmere. Also, see Castlerigg Stone Circle in this Ten Lakes tour from Windermere and do something that will stay in your memory for a long time to come.

You may also get to see Borrowdale Valley. These opportunities are rare and this full-day tour gives you just that, a chance to visit the Lake District of the United Kingdom and enjoy ten lakes of the area.

There may also be options for pick-ups in the tour at Bowness Bay Pier 3, Kelsick Rd (Ambleside), and Oxenholme (Kendal). Do check for more information.

What do you see on this Ten Lakes day tour?

On this full-day tour, see the road that leads to the Lake District. You will be amazed at the beauty of the Lake District, known as the most beautiful corner of England. From south to north, see a magnificent Lake District area with lakes, mountains, and valleys.

A lot of waterfalls, rolling countryside, and more make up this area of Lake District, which your guide will tell you all about. People and history have shaped Lake District, and this is your chance to explore every part of it.

Lake Windermere is England's largest lake and this full-day tour of the Lake District explores this lake along the shore. Make sure you explore the beautiful village of Ambleside and then travel to Rydal Water to take some stunning photos.

Start your full-day tour of the Lake District by getting on the minibus at the pickup point in Victoria St. The first stop on the tour will be Glenridding, a beautiful village found in the Ullswater Valley.

Next, stop at the banks of Ullswater Lake and tske some photos for your memories. Visit the 4000- 5000 years old Castlerigg Stone Circle next and marvel at this ancient location.

Keswick is the next village on the tour. Ashness Bridge can be visited where you explore the area for a couple of minutes. Check some of the most beautiful areas of the Lake District if you stop at Honister Slate Mine.

Pass by Buttermere Lake and Thirlmere and take some beautiful landscape photos from afar. Stop at Grasmere and check out the lake as you pass by.

Also, see Rydal Water on the tour. Just be mindful that all the stops are subject to alteration depending on the conditions.

Lunch is most likely at the market town of Keswick where you stop the longest.

What can I expect from this tour?

Expect to see some of the most beautiful views of the Lake District on this tour as you pass through pretty sloping mountains, peaceful waterfalls, and quaint villages full of culture and history. Keep your cameras and phones charged and ready as all places in this tour make for the best postcard-like images.

Check out the stunning locations and take plenty of photos to help retain your memory of this amazing tour.

During summers, you also get a relaxing cruise on Lake Windermere for 45 minutes.

What age is this day tour suitable for?

Children might need to be five and above to travel on this tour, however, check for more details while booking your tickets. All children must be accompanied by adults on this tour.

How long does the Ten Lakes day tour take?

The total duration of this tour is eight hours. You wait for an hour or so at the village of Keswick.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the Ten Lakes day tour start and end?

The tour starts from Windermere Tourist Information Centre, Victoria Street, LA23 1AD, Windermere. Show your tickets here.

The drop-off point is also the same.

How do I get to the tour's departure point?

If you are travelling from London to the departure point by car, take the M40 and M6 road to reach the destination in around five hours. The distance from London to the departure point is 278.5 mi (448 km).

You can also travel to the destination from London via train. Take the Avanti West Coast train from London Euston Station to Oxenholme Lake District, which will take around three hours and 45 minutes.

From Oxenholme Lake District Train Station, take the Northern train to reach Windermere, which will take around 20 minutes. The Windermere station is just two minutes away from the departure point.

When should I arrive at the departure point?

Reach the destination at least 15 minutes before your booked time slot for check-in.

Where can I park?

Windermere car park is just two minutes away, while Broad Street car park is around three minutes from the departure point.

Where are the toilet facilities while on the tour?

Toilet stops will be available on route.

What facilities are available on the bus?

The mini-bus has comfortable seats, space for luggage, and more.

Is this tour accessible?

The vehicles are most likely not wheelchair accessible, however, check for more information on accessibility while booking your tickets.

Where can I eat on the tour?

There will be refreshment breaks on the tour where you can buy some food for yourself. You can also try some lunch at Keswick. Some popular recommendations for trying local cuisine are Fellpack, The Sizzling Stone, Restaurant at Lyzzick Hall, The Cottage in the Wood, and The Pheasant Inn.

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