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Originally Published on Oct 07, 2021
Cotswold Wildlife Park building exterior with rhinos roaming landscape in front.
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  • Visit Cotswold Wildlife Park to see a great range of animals, home to adventure playgrounds and a thrilling train ride around the park and gardens.
  • Stroll around the Wildlife Park, Cotswolds Zoo, and see the Asiatic lions lazing around in their enclosure.
  • Plus, don’t forget to see the daily Penguin show in the walled garden at Cotswolds Wildlife Park.

Get up close and personal with wildlife and make some furry friends at Cotswold Wildlife Park, Bradwell Grove. Your children will love strolling around the park and gardens to discover over 260 different animal species that live in this exquisite 160-acre parkland.

They can get eye-to-eye with a Giraffe, or have a walk with some Lemurs in the Madagascar exhibit, or if you're brave enough, watch Rhinos graze gracefully in front of the Gothic listed Manor House, with only a ha-ha in between you and your new friend!

Take a ride the Cotswold Wildlife ParkTrain ride at Cotswold Animal Park which is always a hit with the kids as they ride around the area, and then they get to see all of it and what they could be having fun on, like the adventure playground which always entertains the little ones for hours.

They love exploring their creativity and play, letting their imagination run wild.

When you're done, have a delicious lunch in the restaurant or bring your favourite food and snacks for a picnic on the spacious landscaped lawns.

If your little ones are thrill-seekers, or just a bit brave, then be sure take a little, or big, peek in the Reptile house that is home to some scary Crocodiles, venomous snakes and funky lizards!

When Halloween is nigh, watch the bats flying around in the Bat house or inspect the creepy crawlies that live in the Insect House.

After all the adventure, and when you're up for a laugh, check out the Walled Garden where you can walk with the hilariously cute meerkats, otters, prairie dogs, copy some Penguins as they walk and then make your way to the groovy Tropical House where there are some free-roaming Sloths, bats and birds.

The stunning garden make a beautiful backdrop to the animals.

Set within the trees, nearby the restaurant and picnic lawns is the Park’s famous Adventure playground.

Skymaze, as it's known, has carefully created interconnecting treehouses, along with thrilling jungle bridges and slides, so climbing to a bird’s eye view of the area is rewarding, as it's over 20 feet high. There is also a large treehouse with a slide, adventure area, swings and space net.

Imagine the excitement on your little ones' face knowing that all this is located in Cotswold Zoo; they'll be eager to make a trip to park and gardens.

For younger children, there is a ‘Mini Manor’ which has an exciting mix of colourful slides, interconnecting treehouses, a mini zip wire and sandpit that's great for multi-sensory learning and play. If you enjoy this, make sure to visit the nearby Fairytale Farm in Southcombe, which is also a family favourite.

The spacious lawns and benches close by makes watching your little ones easy as you can relax, eat a picnic and let your little ones explore, play and make friends.

Don't miss out on Cotswold Wildlife Park events that are held often, from feeding the cute animals here, to petting them, plus festive events and more.

Your little ones can pet the friendly goats in the Farmyard and then go off to watch the Penguins as they are fed daily at 11am and 3pm. If you want to catch the Lemur Feeding and Talk then pop over to the Madagascar Exhibit by the drive exit at noon.

For those who love some ducks, these cute little ones are fed in the lake area at 2pm, so don't miss out.

A reason why the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens is a family favourite day out is that your little ones can get involved in behind the scenes activities and learn how to be a keeper for the day, or enjoy a supervised experience in an animal enclosure. For something extra special, your little ones can even adopt an animal!

For more great family days out nearby Bradwell Grove, check out Ashdown House in Oxfordshire, an unusual Dutch-style house with fascinating collections, family-friendly events and more.

What to know before you go

  • Cotswold Wildlife Park opening times are 10am to 6pm from April to October, then from October 24th, it closes at dusk or 5pm.
  • When you're feeling peckish, try out the Oak Tree Restaurant which is found at the rear of the Manor House and serves hot meals, cakes, drinks and sandwiches. All adult meals are also offered in child-sized portions, and there are bottle warming facilities available. Refreshment kiosks selling ice cream and hot drinks are located near the Camels, opposite the Red pandas. There are also picnic shelters dotted around the Park, or you can enjoy your picnic on one of the spacious lawns overlooking the enclosures for Rhinos, Zebras and Giraffes.
  • There are toilets, baby changing facilities and accessible toilets.
  • The Park is flat with wide maintained paths and numerous benches around the Park. There is easy access for wheelchairs to all enclosures, on the Narrow-gauge Railway and to the self-service cafeteria. A limited number of wheelchairs are available from the Gift Shop for free.
  • Cotswold Wildlife Park offers a military discount.
  • Dogs are allowed in the Park, but must be kept on a lead, under adult control.

Getting there

  • Cotswold Wildlife Park is located at Bradwell Grove Cotswold Wildlife Park is located two miles south of Burford, Oxfordshire, mid-way between Oxford and Cheltenham.
  • The Park is tricky to access via public transport. The nearest bus stop is approximately two miles away on Burford High Street, so you need to get a taxi from there. We would advise against walking along the A361 as no footpath is provided, and it is a very fast road. The nearest train station is Charlbury in Oxfordshire, which is an estimated 11 miles away. It is important to note that there is no taxi rank at the train station or direct bus link, so please pre-book a taxi to take you to the Park.
  • The Park is located on the A361, two miles south of its junction with the A40 at Burford, Oxfordshire. It is 20 miles west of Oxford, 22 miles east of Cheltenham,  and 18 miles north of Swindon, Wiltshire.
  • There is free parking on site, with ample spaces for visitors with a disability.

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