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Originally Published on Oct 07, 2021
Characters at Lapland UK.

  • Make magical Christmas memories for the whole family by visiting the Elven Village, waving hello to the reindeer, and skating on the ice rink.
  • Meet Father Christmas and help him make toys to deliver to children of the world on Christmas Eve.
  • Assist Mother Christmas with making gingerbread as you listen to her stories.

Lapland UK honours and celebrates the wonderment of childhood, conjuring a magical world that’s based on the Father Christmas story. The four hour immersive experience brings to life Christmas stories alongside immersive, memory-making experiences, so that your kids will leave with the joy of Christmas in their hearts.

Your kids will receive a personalised invitation from Father Christmas asking for their help making toys in the Lapland Toy Factory. The invite will arrive in a presentation box which you can pop in the freezer for about half an hour before presenting to your kids ice-cold and straight from Lapland.

It’s then time to plan to visit Santa in Lapland for the ultimate Christmas experience.

Once at Lapland UK, you’ll enter the Enchanted Forest, be given Elf Passports, and pass through the Magical Door.

The first 90 minutes of your experience is interactive, immersive theatre for kids, and is when you’ll visit the Toy Factory to assist Father Christmas and his elves in making the toys that Santa delivers on Christmas Eve to children around the world (the elves will make sure to discreetly hand toys to parents to leave under the tree as a special Christmas surprise).

You’ll also visit Mother Christmas’ Kitchen to help decorate the fresh gingerbread, and reach the Elven Village, where you can enjoy ice-skating, meeting Santa’s huskies, and refuel in Pumpernickel’s restaurant. From there, you pass through the snowy forest and past the reindeer before you meet Father Christmas for a personalised meeting.

Kids will receive a husky toy from Santa, all of which change year on year so that regular visitors can build up their very own husky sled team.

Kids can experience the magic in advance of their visit, too. Lapland UK’s website offers a memory making experience, where children can follow the activities laid out for them in digital books to engage in activities like baking, craft, reading, and writing.

Lapland UK is a truly magical Christmas world that is guaranteed to get all of the family in the festive spirit, leaving the kids with marvellous memories.

Make sure to take a wonderful winter walk in nearby Beale Park or Basildon Park too, if you have the time.

What to know before you go

  • When booking, you’ll need to enter the first names of the kids you will be bringing to Lapland UK. Be careful to enter these names correctly, as that’s how they will be presented on the personalised invites your kids receive in advance of the tour. 
  • Please expect to receive your invitations around 3 weeks ahead of your tour date, and a further confirmation email will be delivered 48 hours ahead of the tour itself. Remember to bring this email with you either printed or electronically on the day. 
  • The site is accessible for disabled guests, but it is worth noting that it is based in a natural forest environment, so the floor can sometimes be unstable or soft, and there are steep sections. Blue badge parking and carer tickets are available.
  • Lapland UK also holds Superstar Days for children and adults with additional needs, to ensure the experience is joyful for everyone. These days operate at a lower capacity, and tours are longer.
  • Be aware that a Lapland UK tour lasts around 3.5 - 4 hours, and the time on your booking confirmation is the time your tour starts, so aim to arrive around 20 - 30 minutes in advance of that to ensure a smooth check-in process.
  • The majority of the event is outdoors in Whitmoor Forest, so be sure to dress warmly and wear appropriate footwear, as some of the pathways can get muddy. Bonus points if the kids want to dress up as elves. 
  • There are several cafes in Lapland UK, as well as an Elf Restaurant in the Village Square with several food stands.
  • You can purchase Jingles - the elven currency of Lapland UK - in advance of your visit during the booking process, and once inside Lapland UK. They can be pre-loaded for you to spend in Pixie Mixie’s Sweetshop, The Elf Emporium, Bauble’s Shop, The Elven Post Office, The Elven Tea Rooms and Pumpernickel’s Restaurant. Other than paying by card, this is the only currency accepted in Lapland UK. If you don’t spend all your Jingles by the end of your visit, they’ll be transformed back into human currency free of charge.
  • Kids can spend their hard-earned Jingles (or pocket money) in The Elf Emporium, where there’s a huge range of gifts, including books, home accessories, and clothing, for children to take home to cherish their memories at Lapland UK.

Getting there

  • Lapland UK is around 1.5 miles from Ascot Station in the Crown Estate.  
  • There’s free on-site parking available.
  • If your family are planning to arrive via train, the closest station is Ascot, which has good links to both London and Reading. Consider pre-booking a taxi from the station to Lapland UK.
  • The 162 and 162A bus leaves every hour from Ascot High Street, stopping only a short walk away from the site of Lapland UK. 
  • There are also bike racks available onsite, should your family wish to peddle over.
  • Travelling by reindeer is strictly restricted to Father Christmas only.

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