London's Best Parks For A Social Distancing Walk

Laura Savage
Dec 12, 2023 By Laura Savage
Originally Published on Jan 08, 2020
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If you're on the hunt for a way to escape the house while still practising social distancing, we've rounded up the best London parks for you to enjoy away from the crowds. There's no better way to spend a quiet morning than with a walk in one of the beautiful parks that make this city so great.

Greenwich Park

‍Situated in the historic Greenwich borough right on the river, Greenwich Park offers amazing views of the capital alongside the National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House and renowned Royal Naval College.

It’s home to a huge array of fun features including a great playground, tennis courts and the famous Royal Observatory, which is of course the site of the Prime Meridian Line.

Join the tourist’s selfies straddling this marker of Greenwich meantime, don’t miss the cafe’s delicious carrot cake (if it's open!)

and discover the deer in the beautiful flower garden (see if you can find them through the bushes at the back! ).‍

Waterlow Park‍

A bit of a hidden gem in the city, Waterlow Park in Highgate offers an extensive lawn, adventure playground and charming views of the city to peep between its ancient trees. With woody trails and three lakes to wander around, Waterlow is the perfect park for some wildlife spotting to help you forget you’re in North London!

Regent’s Park‍

Home to London Zoo and the Open Air Theatre, the huge Regent’s Park is a London staple for a reason. Venture up Primrose Hill for some of the best views in the city, take your pick of four children’s playgrounds to let loose in, and stroll through the exquisite rose gardens to wind down again.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park‍

If you’ve never visited the site of London’s 2012 Olympics, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford is a one-of-a-kind space to explore. Admire the innovative architecture of the impressive stadiums and ArcelorMittal Orbit slide amongst tranquil canals and walkways in a unique combination of urban and rural.

The Tumbling Bay Playground is arguably one of the city’s best with treehouses, adventure equipment and rock pools your kids won’t get enough of (just check opening measures during lockdown to avoid any disappointment!).

Afterwards take a stroll down the River Lee for some quirky boathouse and street art spotting and grab a drink-to-go at one the canalside’s trendy cafes. ‍

Richmond Park‍

If you’re looking to make more of a day of it, you can’t beat a weekend venture out to the beautiful Richmond Park. The largest of London’s Royal Parks and a National Nature Reserve, Richmond Park’s expansive deer-filled grasslands and wildflower-lined trails make for the perfect year-round walking destination. 


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