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Overhead shot of the Lake District.
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  • See the breathtaking sights of North England like you never have before with an award-winning guided tour from Mountain Goat.
  • Mountain Goat tours provide some of the most inspiring, exciting and knowledgeable tours of North England’s scenic gems, including some of the most popular Lake District tours in the country.
  • Offering day trips or longer packages, small group tours and guided sightseeing from the country’s top experts, Mountain Goat has your perfect UK adventure covered.

Established in 1972, Mountain Goat has been guiding adventurers through the North England countryside for over 40 years. Now an award-winning tour company priding themselves on the highest quality sightseeing expeditions, Mountain Goat tours provide some of the best ways to visit the Lake District and its surrounding hotspots.

No matter where you are in the country and what kind of journey you’re after, Mountain Goat offers plenty of options to make the trip accessible and just right for you.

The tours have a huge range of pick-up points, starting from Liverpool, Manchester, York, Keswick, Kendal, Windermere, Oxenholme, Ambleside and many more, including Edinburgh and Glasgow if you’re based in Scotland.

Whilst the Lakes are the most famous of Mountain Goat’s tours, you can also go to the Yorkshire Dales and North Wales to visit some of the UK’s most stunning national parks.

Hotspots for sightseeing include the Lake District castles, Windermere waterfalls, Beatrix Potter’s home, the full UNESCO World Heritage Site plus England’s largest lake and highest mountain.

Mountain Goat bus tour in the Lake District.

Mountain Goat has created a great system allowing you to tailor your tour just for you.

You can select what your family would most like to see or do - be it national parks, Lake District walking tours or cruises, Medieval castles or even famous film locations - and Mountain Goat will offer up a tour that fits the bill perfectly.

They also have a range of prices to suit your budget, with one-day or even half-day tours of the Lakes at a cheaper rate, or more extreme packages if you’re looking to go the whole hog, including features like local cuisine and village shopping stops.

You can also book an inclusive short break trip with Mountain Goat if you’re after a full-on getaway, and groups of over 11 people can book private tours all to themselves - perfect if you’re visiting with another family.

If you love a bit of off-the-beaten-track sightseeing and are desperate to explore the north of England with your family, then a Mountain Goat tour might be just the ticket.

What to know before you go

  • Children under 5 cannot be permitted on Mountain Goat tours, but if you do have older ones then they provide a great Lake District tour for kids.
  • Dress according to the season but Mountain Goat recommends bringing a raincoat and sensible walking shoes with you.
  • Mountain Goat is only able to carry small day backpacks on board, but luggage storage can be rented for £4 at Windermere Information Centre - their main start point.
  • There are frequent toilet stops throughout the tours.
  • Full-day tours stop halfway for lunch at a local area - this is included in certain tours at an additional cost.
  • Only assistance dogs are allowed on tours.
  • Should you require assistance or a specific seat on the tour bus for health reasons, please contact Mountain Goat before booking.
  • The amount of walking varies per tour and is optional; the tours are designed as minibus routes.

Getting there

  • The main pick-up points for Mountain Goat tours are Windermere, Keswick, York, Chester, Liverpool and Manchester via Chorlton Street or Liverpool Road, all of which can be accessed by car or public transport.
  • Certain packages offer airport transfer and hotel pick-ups.
  • If you are starting from Windermere Information Centre then make yourself known to a member of staff upon arrival, otherwise look out for the Mountain Goat tour bus.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your departure time, and don’t worry if your tour bus is 10-15 minutes late - this may sometimes be the case due to multiple pick-ups.

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Overhead shot of the Lake District.

Mountain Goat Tours


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Overhead shot of the Lake District.

Mountain Goat Tours