The Ultimate Guide To Parks And Open Spaces In Cheshire And The Surrounding Area

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Originally Published on Jun 25, 2020
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Now we can hop in a car and go a little further afield for our daily exercise, get the kids ready and set off to explore some of the great parks, open spaces Cheshire has to offer.

Luckily, Cheshire is not short of fabulous parks, country parks and wonderful scenery, so you won't have to go far to find somewhere new for a walk.  Please note that toilets and some other facilities mentioned at these parks and open spaces may be closed due to lockdown.

While you're there, entertain yourselves with these fun family games and outdoor games.

Some councils have different approaches to their response to the Coronavirus so we recommend checking to see for information on whether the parks and open spaces and their amenities are open on the day you plan to go.

Remember to keep following government advice for England, Scotland and Wales regarding travel.

The Carrs Park, Wilmslow

The great thing about The Carrs in this Cheshire East town is that there is something for everyone - so if you're taking anyone from toddlers up to teens, there will be something to entertain them. There's a lovely circular walk along the Bollin river - it's only a mile long, so suitable for most ages.

There are plenty of opportunities for paddling - remember the water shoes as stones can be hard on little feet. There are lots of leisure facilities too, from a multisport football park to playground,  tennis courts and a skatepark.

There are two playgrounds and you'll find slides, climbing areas and a long zip line. There are toilets and a small cafe, too.

Where is it? Chancel Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 4AA

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Where are the toilets? In the car park. Two unisex toilets with baby changing facilities, one is a disabled toilet.

Parking: You can park in the car park at the entrance by Parish Hall.

Outdoor amenities: Playgrounds, skate park, basketball hoop, and free tennis courts.

Size: 28.7 hectares (71 acres)

The Moor, Knutsford

Sitting at the end of Tatton Mere, The Moor is a nice green area to enjoy away from the streets of the historic town of Knutsford in Cheshire East - it's only a couple of minutes' walk from the town centre.

With plenty of mature trees, open grass areas and the water and reed beds of the Mere, it's a nice, 'natural' place to enjoy some time in the open air. There are play areas for toddlers and younger children, along with a picnic area and seating that gives a nice view of the pool.

A nice place to feed the ducks and enjoy the wildflowers.

Where is it? Moorside/ Church Walk, Knutsford, Cheshire. WA16 6ES

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Toilets? Unfortunately, there are no toilets, but there are public toilets on King Street, which is nearby.

Parking: Pay and display, opposite the park, and some free street parking.

Outdoor amenities: Playground and picnic area.

Size: 5.5 acres (2.7 hectares)

Man fetching disc with Happy Golden Retriever Dog

Delamere Forest

Easy-access walking trails at Delamere Forest ensure that everyone can enjoy getting back to nature in this lovely woodland. Little ones, in particular, will love to head into the deep, dark wood and follow the Gruffalo orienteering trail.

There are cycling and Segway trails too if you prefer two wheels to two legs. You can even take a hike that rewards you with a view of Liverpool's skyline.

Where is it? Linmere, Delamere, Northwich CW8 2HZ

Is it buggy friendly? The main paths are suitable for a buggy. The Blakemere and Linmere trails are graded as easy and pass the Gruffalo sculpture.

Where are the toilets? Near Forest Center Car Park. There's a disabled toilet but no baby changing facilities.

Parking:  There are four car parks. Forest Centre and Treetops are closest to all the facilities. Pay by cash or card.

Public transport: Delamere has its own train station.

Outdoor amenities: 3 walking trails, 2 cycling trails, orienteering, Go Ape, Segway, Nordic Walking, bike hire, café, picnic area

Size: 972 hectares (2,400 acres)

Bramhall Park, Stockport

A magnificent landscaped park with woodland, lakes and walking trails. Little ones will love the stream that runs through Bramhall Park, along with the pools that are perfect for feeding the ducks and dipping in a fishing net in the hope of catching a tiddler.

When they're tired of that there is a play area for smaller kids and a large wooden climbing frame for the older ones. The park forms the grounds of Bramall Hall, a 14th-century timber-framed hall, which will be worth a visit when it reopens.

Where is it? Bramhall Park Road, Bramhall, Stockport, Greater Manchester, SK7 3NX

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Where are the toilets? In the cafe, which is closed at present

Parking:  Pay and display on site

Outdoor amenities: Small children's play area, wooden climbing frame, picnic area, cafe

Size: 28 hectares (70 acres)

Marbury Country Park

Imagine you live in a grand country house as you stroll along the lime avenues and explore the arboretum at Marbury Country Park. The park has woodlands to explore (the bluebells are fabulous in late spring), a  dragonfly pool, play area and picnic area.

Marbury Country Park is part of the Northwich Woodlands, offering 350 hectares of parkland, with a network of surfaced paths that make it accessible for families and cyclists.

Two features to visit when we're back to normal are the world-famous Anderton Boat Lift, and Marbury Park Open Air Pool, which sits in gardens that are surrounded by woodland. Perfect for a hot summer's day!

Where is it? Comberbach, Northwich, CW9 6AT

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Where are the toilets? There are toilets near the Rangers Office.

Parking: Paid parking on site

Outdoor amenities: Open-air pool, Anderton Boat Lift, play area, picnic area

Size: 350 hectares (864 acres)

Phoenix Park, Runcorn

Part of the Mersey Forest, this huge park has plenty going on, There are two play areas at Phoenix Park - one for under 5s and one suitable for older kids, as well as a bowl skatepark, multi-sports zone and climbing boulder.

There's also a lovely reservoir, the perfect place to stop for a picnic and feeding the ducks. Also look out for dragonflies, swans, geese and plenty of wildflowers.

You can also walk to the historic Grade 1 listed Norton Priory, which dates from as far back as the 12th century and has a visitors centre, which is open to the public in less unusual times.

Where is it? Castlefields Ave E, Windmill Hill, Runcorn. WA7 2PT

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Where are the toilets? At the CHI cafe and Norton Priory.

Parking:  On-site parking

Outdoor amenities: 2 play areas, Urban Cafe, climbing boulder, skatepark and multi-sports zone.

Size: 157 hectares (387 acres)

Countess of Chester Country Park

Not too far from Cheshire's county town of Chester, the Countess of Chester Country Park is a fabulous location for spotting wildlife. See if you can spot a dart of blue as the kingfisher goes fishing in the water, or glimpse the kestrels hovering over the grasslands.

Children should be able to see lots of butterflies as they explore, and you might even be lucky enough to see a sparrowhawk or hear a Greater Spotted Woodpecker.

There are paved trails for buggies and a canalside walk as well. It's a lovely place for dogs, too, with plenty of open field space to run around in.

Where is it? Valley Dr, Chester CH2 1UL

Is it buggy friendly? Yes

Where are the toilets? Unfortunately, there are no toilet facilities.

Parking:  On-site car park, but it is quite small.

Outdoor amenities: Hard surface trails, canalside walks, pools and lakes, outdoor gym and memorial forest.

Size: 19 hectares (46 acres)

Greater Manchester Chester Cheshire North West England United Kingdom England

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