11 Top Child Friendly Restaurants (Glasgow Edition)

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Originally Published on Aug 04, 2020
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Scotland's biggest city has a whole host of brilliant child friendly restaurants all across the city.

With lockdown restrictions easing in Scotland, many restaurants are reopening for business with safety as the first priority. These restaurants are some of the best things to do in Glasgow with toddlers, children and teens, and have some of the most delicious food you can find in the city!

Grab a taste of the best of Mediterranean cooking at Turkiye

Have A Mediterranean Feast At Turkiye

Turkiye - Merchant City.

Grab a taste of the best of Mediterranean cooking at Turkiye in Merchant City. This friendly restaurant provides authentic Turkish meals at an affordable price point.

They cater to young children and have plenty of highchairs available. Their kids' menu has a wide variety of options, which range from western staples such as fish fingers and chicken nuggets to Turkish options such as lahmacun and chicken shish kebab.

They've reopened for business with COVID-19 compliant safety measures after the 15 July announcement and you can eat in the restaurant. Be sure to visit their website to book a table because it is one of the most popular restaurants in Glasgow. If your party is ten people or more, you'll have to call ahead of time.

Perfect For: A dinnertime adventure!

It is one of the most popular restaurants in Glasgow

Image © big-feed.squarespace.com

Find Something For Everyone At The Big Feed

Big Feed - Glasgow Market.

This covered street market features some of the very best of Scottish food. Held twice a month in Glasgow Market, Big Feed is an eclectic selection of food stalls and takeout stations.

The owners at Big Feed have worked hard to ensure everything is safe for customers, with social distancing in place, contactless payments, and plenty of hand sanitising stations available.

This food market is a great place for kids and families, as you can avoid any of the arguments over where to eat due to the wide variety of different dishes available at the stalls. It's also a large space with lots of room for kids to run around in and play.

The first event post-lockdown will be on 25-26 July, with another taking place on the weekend of 1-2 August.

Perfect For: Kids who love to run around and families with lots of different food favourites.

Get A Taste Of The Country At The Beech Tree Inn

Beech Tree Inn - Dumgoyne.

The Beech Tree Inn in Dumgoyne is more than just one of the best family friendly pubs in Glasgow.

It also offers a bunch of activities to keep kids entertained. While the staff at the Beech Tree Inn have limited a lot of the things that made this kid friendly pub so great due to COVID-19 restrictions, they have managed to maintain a fun and family friendly atmosphere, including plenty of things to do for toddlers.

One of their restrictions may actually be a positive - you can only sit outside, which on a sunny day will be a great experience.

Their pared-down menu retains plenty of childhood favourites. Best of all, their play equipment remains open, with sanitary resources available to wipe equipment down and keep kids safe.

This pub was well-known for its interactive experience with animals before lockdown. While not all animals are able to be fed by kids right now, you can still feed the rabbits and guinea pigs for a true taste of country life.

Perfect For: Pub lunches with younger kids.

Enjoy Delicious Italian Dishes at Qua

Qua - Merchant City.

This family-run restaurant in the heart of Glasgow has cuisine from all over Italy. They have a family friendly menu with dishes that are sure to be popular with younger kids.

They have reopened after the easing of restrictions with a number of safety measures in place, such as touch-free bathrooms and regular cleaning. Their friendly and attentive staff are able to cater to dietary restrictions and other queries families may have.

Their 'light bite' menu is available until the end of July and features plenty of kid friendly portion sizes. Be sure to book online as the restaurant capacity has been reduced.

Perfect For: A relaxed evening meal.

Journey To India At Green Gates Cafe

Green Gates Cafe - Merchant City and Renfrew.

Enjoy some delicious dishes from India in the city centre of Glasgow at the Green Gates Cafe. There's plenty of choice on the menu and the friendly staff are more than happy to alter any dish based on dietary or taste requirements.

The menu features British Indian favourites as well as truly authentic cuisine from their chef team who hail from areas across India. The waiting team are kind and attentive and have got rave reviews for their ability to look after families.

Perfect For: Older kids who aren't afraid to try something new.

A young girl is feeding her mother cake at a restaurant.

Entertain The Kids At Darcy's

Darcy's - Princes Square.

Darcy's is a hip and cool eatery in the heart of Glasgow, and it's also one of the best family friendly restaurants in Glasgow. Their kids' menu is diverse and has something for everyone, including a very fun 3D picture to colour in.

What's more, every last Sunday morning of the month is dedicated to kids and families.

Their Character Dining package involves a movie character dress up experience which is sure to be a hit with young kids. Although they have not yet held any post-lockdown character dining events, they plan to host an event with Belle in August, followed by Batman, a Halloween Party in October, and Elsa in November.

With very stringent safety measures in place after lockdown, Darcy's will not be opening until 12 August to ensure the safest and most pleasant experience for customers. However, you are able to book tables online now. Be sure to book soon as this is one of the best things to do with toddlers in Glasgow.

Perfect For: A birthday party (at a character dining event) or a nice family meal out.

Get Your Burger On At Bread Meats Bread

Bread Meats Bread - City Centre, West End, and Glasgow Fort.

This cool restaurant has three locations in Glasgow and prides itself on having some of the tastiest burgers around. Family owned and with award-winning burgers, what's not to love?

There's plenty of options for kids too with lots of burgers being available in smaller sizes.

The staff at Bread Meats Bread have ensured that the post-COVID eating experience is as seamless and safe as possible, with a new restaurant layout to ensure safety and transparent dividers in between the tables. So get stuck into some classic American cuisine with these brilliant burgers.

Perfect For: A big family meal with any range of ages.

New restaurant layout to ensure safety

Image © Scran Glasgow on Facebook.

Get Something Scrummy At Scran

Scran - Dennistoun.

Despite only opening a couple of years ago, Scran is already a Glasgow brunch staple. An important part of the local community, Scran has a diverse menu that will have options for everyone.

It has a very reasonably priced menu and has been getting rave reviews, having won the prize for Glasgow Live's best restaurant in East Glasgow in 2019.

Currently only open for takeaway, the family first restaurant has been making sure their staff are safe by easing into post-lockdown life with the utmost care. The careful attitude hasn't stopped it from being one of the most popular restaurants in Glasgow over the past few months, as (socially distanced!)

queues have been regularly forming outside the restaurant. With caring and attentive staff, this is sure to be one of the best child friendly restaurants in the city.

Perfect For: A lunchtime bite while exploring the city.

Have A Taste Of Italy At Celino's

Celino's - Dennistoun and Partick.

Indulge your taste buds with some of the most delicious food Italy has to offer at one of Celino's two locations in Glasgow. With a large and varied kids' menu, kids can choose from British staples and Italian classics.

Celino's friendly staff promise to do their best to accommodate any children who don't fancy their pre-set options, too.

The restaurant has worked hard to make sure they can provide families with as safe an experience as possible post-lockdown. They've brought in measures such as social distancing and contactless payment to ensure that you can still enjoy great food while staying safe.

Perfect For: A family meal with kids aged seven and older.

Young girl about to take a bite out of the pizza in her hand.

Head To New York At TriBeCa

TriBeCa - Merchant City and Partick.

Get a taste of America at the TriBeCa diner, which has two locations in Glasgow. Named after the fashionable Manhattan neighbourhood, TriBeCa serves up American favourites, including delicious pancakes and tasty milkshakes.

In true American fashion, the menu is full of great dishes for kids, making this one of the top spots for a family meal in Glasgow. With stringent safety measures in place, TriBeCa will be opening both of its Glasgow locations from 28 July.

Perfect For: A brunch treat or a dinnertime feast with something for everyone.

Enjoy Delicious Tapas At Cubatas

Cubatas - City Centre.

Spanish restaurant Cubatas is bringing a taste of Valencia to the streets of Glasgow. This laid-back restaurant has reopened after the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions and is ready to start providing great-tasting Spanish cuisine to the people of Scotland once again. They have put COVID compliant measures in place, such as social distancing and transparent barriers between tables.

Their food is very child friendly, as tapas is a type of Spanish dish that is usually smaller than a full-sized portion, with multiple dishes being shared between a table. This makes a single tapas dish a great choice for younger eaters as it won't be too much for them, unlike regular main meals.

The staff are all very friendly and the restaurant is able to cater to any dietary needs.

Perfect For: Younger kids who are ready to try something new.

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