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Originally Published on Oct 07, 2021
Trees framing the pretty lake.

  • Discover the beautiful open spaces of Trent Country Park in North London.
  • Explore the picturesque nature trails dotted around the park.
  • Kids will love the park’s two play areas and Go Ape adventure course.
  • Enjoy the park’s beautiful wildlife, with hundreds of amazing animal and plant species to be found.

Despite being only a stone’s throw from central London, Trent Country Park is a 413-acre oasis of calm and peace, making it a fantastic way to spend a day out. This country park in Enfield has plenty of great nature walks, wildlife to see, and history to experience.

While there are many well-known parks in North London, like Hampstead Heath and the area around Alexandra Palace, Trent Country Park is a real hidden gem.

Trent Park dates back almost a thousand years, with evidence of the park found in William the Conqueror’s famous Domesday Book. A few hundred years later, it had become an important royal hunting ground, where the likes of Henry VIII and James I would spend time hunting deer.

In the Georgian era, the impressive manor house that still stands in the park today was built.

The park’s biggest attraction is the incredibly beautiful trails that are dotted around the area. Whether you’re looking for a quick walk to stretch your legs or a woodland ramble that takes a good few hours, there’s something for everyone at Trent Country Park.

Many of the trees in the park are centuries old, and are the very same woodland areas that Henry VIII would have hunted in 500 years ago.

There are also two children’s play areas where kids can let off steam and run about. The larger play area is designed for children aged eight and over, whilst the other playground is designed with children younger than eight in mind. 

The play areas aren’t the only great place for kids to spend time at Trent Country Park. The park is also home to a Go Ape adventure course, where kids can climb into the sky and leap from the treetops.

This experience is one of the most popular outdoor events in Enfield, and will make an unforgettable addition to any visit to Trent Park.

At Trent Country Park, you may come across some extremely interesting wildlife species on a woodland walk. Many birds flock to the area around the park, including kingfishers, treecreepers, and woodpeckers. One of the elusive animals in the park is the muntjac deer; if you spot one of these brilliant animals, it’ll be a sight to behold. 

One of the most interesting areas of the park is the Camlet Moat. This is a small island surrounded by a moat, near the Hadley Road entrance to the park.

The moat’s history is shrouded in mystery, although it is likely that there was once a building on the site that was knocked down sometime in the past. Some even say the moat is haunted by the ghost of Geoffrey de Mandeville, a leader in Norman times.

Whether you believe the tales of Camlet Moat or not, Trent Park is definitely a lovely place to visit. Despite its brilliant transport links to Central London, it is easy to forget that you’re just a few short miles from the bustling metropolis during your visit.

This fantastic choice of the many London parks is bursting with brilliant wildlife and beautiful nature trails to explore.

What to know before you go

  • Trent Park opening times are 8am year-round. The park closes at different times depending on the time of year, but normally closes around dusk.
  • If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite to eat during your visit to the park, then Trent Park Cafe is for you. Trent Country Park's cafe serves a wide range of food and drink, from lunch meals to snacks and cakes. There are also often food trucks that can be found in the park during the warmer months.
  • There are public toilets near the cafe. The toilets have baby-changing facilities and are also accessible.
  • The park is mostly accessible for wheelchair users and parents with buggies. Some areas of the park, such as the woodland walks, may be difficult to manage, but there are many trails that have been paved, with wide areas to travel through.
  • There’s also a trail that has been designed especially for blind or partially-sighted visitors to the park.

Getting there

  • Trent Country Park is in the London Borough of Enfield, about a 45-minute drive from the centre of the capital.
  • There are three entrances for vehicles to the park; on Cockfosters Road, Hadley Lane, and Snakes Lane.
  • The main car park is located off the Cockfosters Road entrance, and there is also limited parking available near the other two entrances. Parking is free at Trent Country Park.
  • The park is also highly accessible by public transport. Cockfosters Tube station is just a few minutes’ walk from the park and has Piccadilly line service. There’s also Oakwood Tube station, which has Piccadilly service and is a few minutes’ walk from the southeastern areas of the park.
  • There are also plenty of bus routes that service the area surrounding the park. These buses include the 121, 298, 299, 307, 377, and 384.

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