Witness The Masked Hero! Buy Tickets For Zorro The Musical In London

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Originally Published on Dec 01, 2021
Witness The Masked Hero! Buy Tickets For Zorro The Musical In London
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The masked crusader, Zorro, will battle for everything he holds dear through the spills and thrills of this story set against a backdrop of 1805 California.

A pueblo is under attack from an autocratic leader in the sizzling heat of California. A masked hero comes out of nowhere and saves lives while encountering the greatest of dangers.

This explosive show, taken from the great story of El Zorro, is told in a thrilling, immersive, and sensual way. The production sizzles with great dance music from the famous Gipsy Kings. Don't forget the original music of the Zorro The Musical.

Audiences will be swept up by the story with racing hearts as Zorro battles through everything with Spanish pride. You will marvel at this explosive show with flamboyant choreography, murderous encounters, and singing.

The passion of Spain, along with 19th century California, is here at the West End, leaving audiences with racing hearts. Reservar Ahora to be swept up into the world of Zorro. Buy Zorro London musical tickets for Charing Cross Theatre now.

About Zorro The Musical

What is Zorro the Musical about?

The legendary story of El Zorro is a tale of good versus evil that has always fascinated people of all ages. Zorro The Musical retells this story at Charing Cross Theatre, London, with romance, mesmerizing sword fights, stunning aerial acrobatics, and beautiful magic.

There is also the music of Gipsy Kings to tap your feet to, brought to you in a spectacular fashion with Spanish pride. Zorro The Musical has had successful productions in many countries, all in their local languages.

With Spanish flamenco dancing and some exquisite choreography, audiences of this fictional musical will dive deep into the life of El Zorro as he fights for justice and freedom. Along with music by the Gipsy Kings and murderous encounters in Zorro The Musical, there is also original music that is sure to thrill audience members.

The music includes international hits like 'Bamboleo' and 'Baila Me' from the hit band.

In the sizzling heat of California, witness the story of Zorro, a masked crusader fighting against injustice who appears when a pueblo is being attacked by an autocratic leader.

Reservar Ahora to be pulled in by the steamy story of El Zorro, the person behind the mask. Book tickets for Zorro the Musical to experience its phenomenal musical set and the passion of Spain in 19th century California. Charing Cross Theatre at the West End is delighted to bring you this red hot tale.

Zorro The Musical is produced by Aria Entertainment (Katy Lipson) and by John Gertz. John Gertz has produced the event in association with Zorro USA, LLC, with Stewart F Lane and Bonnie Comely. Watch the red hot tale of the hero behind the mask at the Charing Cross Theatre.

Did you know, 'Zorro' means 'fox' in English?

Zorro was created by Johnston McCulley in 1919. Get your Zorro The Musical tickets now and watch it live at the Charing Cross Theatre in London to find out find if Zorro can save the pueblo!

What age is Zorro suitable for?

The recommended age hasn't been set. Contact the Box Office of Charing Cross Theatre for more information. People will be fascinated by the adventures of the masked hero.

How long is Zorro the Musical?

The runtime of Zorro The Musical is yet to be confirmed.

Who is in the Zorro cast?

The fresh new tale of Zorro The Musical is coming to the Charing Cross Theatre with a stellar cast and production. The cast has not been announced yet. Zorro The Musical is directed by Christian Durham with costume and set design by Rosa Maggiora. Choreography is done by Cressida Carré.

What music will I hear in Zorro?

International hits from the Gipsy Kings are included in Zorro The Musical, which features tracks like 'Bamboleo', 'Baila Me', and 'Djobi Djoba'. It also features some original music that conveys love, courage, and hope.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is Zorro being performed in London?

Zorro The Musical is being played at Charing Cross Theatre, The Arches, Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NL, UK.

How do I get to the Charing Cross Theatre?

Take the A4 and then Northumberland Avenue to reach the Charing Cross Theatre in London.

The nearest Tube Station is Embankment.

The nearest train station is Charing Cross.

Check your Zorro tickets for timings before starting the journey.

Where can I park at the theatre?

The nearest parking is the NCP, Covent Garden.

Where are the toilets at the theatre?

There are toilets on all the levels of Charing Cross Theatre with accessible toilets that have level access on Balcony One.

Is the Charing Cross Theatre accessible?

The theatre is accessible. Level access and wheelchair spaces are available in Balcony One. Level access is from the foyer.

Where can I eat nearby?

Restaurants near Charing Cross Theatre include Ship & Shovell, MOC Kitchen, L'Ulivo, and The Princess of Wales.

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