Baby Crocodile Coloring Page

Anusuya Mukherjee
Sep 16, 2022 By Anusuya Mukherjee
Originally Published on Feb 13, 2021

Young fans of famous fairy tales will love these free printable baby crocodile coloring pages resource.

One such famous story is the story of ‘The Baby Crocodile and Friends.’ It depicts the story of a baby crocodile who did not have any friends as all the other crocodiles were jealous of his beautiful, shiny tail.

When he realized this, he offered them some scales from his tail, and amazed by his generosity, the other crocodiles felt ashamed of themselves and became friends with him.

This story is a great way to teach kids about generosity and always have a caring nature, especially towards others.

Crocodiles are the biggest reptiles on the planet, and the young crocodile mortality rate is very high as they are eaten by other predators like lizards, hyenas, and fish in the first year of their life. Did you know?

Gaëtan Dorémus is the author of the book ‘My Baby Crocodile’ which illustrates the idea about the relationship between a parent and a child.

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