Baby Fox Coloring Page

Joan Agie
Sep 16, 2022 By Joan Agie
Originally Published on Jan 27, 2021

Kids who are fans of several famous fairy tales involving a fox will love this free printable baby fox coloring pages resource. The most famous fox story is titled ‘The Hen and the Fox’ and is one of the greatest fables of all times.

The story starts with a fox that wanted to eat a hen who was pecking grains. The fox being sly tricked the hen by flattering him and the fox caught the hen in its mouth.

Soon, a pack of wild dogs came and chased the fox who had the hen in his mouth. Seeing this as an opportunity, the hen decided to trick the fox and told him that the dogs would not follow him if he told them that he got the hen first.

The fox fell into this trap and the dogs tore the fox into pieces.

The hen eventually escaped and vowed to never fall into flattery ever again. These helpful sheets can also be used to help recognize the fox in different postures offering kids the chance to get familiar with its appearance while you retell the story!

Did you know? ‘The Little Fox’ is a 1981 movie based on the novel ‘Vuk’.

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