Beagilier Coloring Page

Martha Martins
Sep 16, 2022 By Martha Martins
Originally Published on Mar 29, 2021

Kids will love this free printable beagilier coloring pages resource. Beagiliers are a mixed breed of Beagle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They are quite popular in Australia, where they were first bred. Two unique characteristics of a beagilier are its shiny coat and its ability to gain weight very easily.

Beagiliers are considered to be very social dogs and like to be around people. The average life of a beagilier is around 10-15 years and they grow up small to medium size. Beagiliers love digging holes and they can even dig a hole as big for themselves to pass through it.

These helpful sheets can also be used to learn more about beagilier offering the kids a chance to know more interesting facts about them! Did you know?

Beagiliers fall under the category of designer dogs. Some breeds of designer dogs include Goldendoodle, Puggle, Labradoodle, Schnoodle, Yorkipoo and Pomsky.

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