Bilby Coloring Page

Anusuya Mukherjee
Sep 16, 2022 By Anusuya Mukherjee
Originally Published on Feb 13, 2021

Who doesn’t like to learn more about cute little creatures? Are you curious as to what this little Bilby is up to? No worries, just color the Bilby in to find out.

A Bilby is an omnivorous animal that is predominantly found in the country of Australia. They belong to the family which goes by the name of, Thylacomyidae. There are two basic types of Bilbies which include the Greater Bilby and Lesser Bilby.

The following is a Bilby coloring pages resource, which kids always enjoy coloring. In this free printable picture, we can see a Bilby who looks to be in search of something. This coloring page helps to spark interest for kids in learning about the animal kingdom.

This, in turn, results in their positive all-round development and adds to their cognitive skills. Did you know? Bilbies are known for their extraordinary burrowing skills.

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