Cute Pig Coloring Page

Joan Agie
Sep 16, 2022 By Joan Agie
Originally Published on Feb 13, 2021

The popular cartoon 'Peppa Pig' has made kids obsessed with pigs, and this free printable cute pig coloring pages resource will get them all excited. Pigs are one of the most common farmyard animals that may be found grazing in the meadows, pastures, and backwoods.

They have stout, barrel-shaped bodies, a tiny coiled tail, and short legs. They are mostly brown, black, or even pink, and most pigs which are kept as pets are mostly pinkish and small in size. Baby pigs are known as piglets or pups.

All pig species are omnivorous and can eat a wide range of food. In the wild, they primarily eat leaves, fruits, flowers, roots, in addition to a few insects and fish.

They are social and clumsy animals. They are native to the old world and belong to the family Siadae and genus Sus.

With approximately one billion of them, the home pig is the most populous big mammal in the world. They live in almost every part of the Earth. Did you know?

Pigs can't sweat because they don't have sweating glands. Therefore, they roll and sleep in the mud and swim in the water to keep themselves cool.

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