Cute Shrimp

Martha Martins
Sep 16, 2022 By Martha Martins
Originally Published on Mar 06, 2021

This free printable cute shrimp coloring pages resource can keep kids engaged in creativity. Shrimps have an elongated body. There are different shrimp species, and they are sea creatures, so their locomotion is in swimming mode.

They swim forward by paddling forward. They have swimmerets on the lower side of their abdomen.

Shrimps have fragile and thin legs, mostly used for perching. Shrimp are in abundance and thus are found around the world. They are mostly found feeding near the seafloor, sea coast and rivers or lakes.

They tend to flip and dive in the sediment, especially when they sense danger. Their average life span is for one year to a maximum of seven years. Most of the time, they prefer solitude; thus, they are called solitary creatures, but they can be in groups during the spawning season.

They are crucial for the food chain as they are a major source of food for bigger animals like fish and whales. They are also caught and harvested for human food.

Their nice muscular tail makes for a sumptuous meal for humans. Did you know? Shrimps are male at birth but turn into females when they mature.

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