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Abhijeet Modi
Sep 16, 2022 By Abhijeet Modi
Originally Published on Apr 16, 2021

Kids can develop their coloring skills with this free printable cute worm coloring pages resource with big eyes and smiling lips. Worms are distantly related invertebrates that share distinctive features such as smooth, slender, elongated cylindrical tube-like bodies. Most worms do not have limbs and appendages except polychaetes, which have hair-like structures on its body.

Worms don't fall in the category of insects. The primary group of worms includes numerous species of flatworm, ribbon worm, annelids, spiny-headed worm, roundworm, peanut worm, and spoon worm.

The size of these worms varies between 1-30 mm. They are everywhere, occuring in freshwater, marine waters, and terrestrial habitats. Some worms are parasitic, which means they live in other organisms, while others are free living.

They feed on dead and decaying organic matter. Worms are known as the best friends of farmers. They help in loosening and air-conditioning soil.

Also, their excreta provide crucial nutrients and minerals to soil as a natural fertilizer. Ecologically, they are an important part of our ecosystems.

Did you know? Worms don't have vital organs like humans. They breathe through their skin.

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