Deer Mouse Coloring Page

Joan Agie
Sep 16, 2022 By Joan Agie
Originally Published on Apr 17, 2021

The kids will have a great time learning and coloring these free printable deer mouse coloring pages with their favorite colors. The Deer mouse is a rodent found mostly in North America and is also native to North America.

It is often called the North American deer mouse. This species has 61 subspecies. The Deer mouse is a tiny rodent around three to four inches long, with a tail, huge beady eyes and huge ears, which helps them in great vision and good hearing capabilities.

Their tails are hairy and are covered with fine hairs. They are nocturnal creatures. In the daytime, they roam around burrows, trees, nests made of leaves and plants.

The tiny pups are with the mothers and are kept in a restricted area of home range. Their home range mostly includes 250 to 3000 square meters.

Female deer mice are territorial, while the male deer mouse can expand their home range further. The average lifespan is 45 months to 47 months.

Male deer mice live longer than female deer mice. Did you know? A deer mouse got its name from the fact that it resembles a very small deer.

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