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Oluniyi Akande
Sep 16, 2022 By Oluniyi Akande
Originally Published on Mar 20, 2021

Your little ones will have fun while learning from these free printable grandma shark coloring pages. A shark is a kind of fish.

They have varieties within their species, such as blue shark, great white shark, thresher shark, hammered shark, tiger shark, and more. Their size ranges from the small dwarf shark, which is around seventeen centimeters, to the whale size shark, which is around twelve meters in length.

They do not live in freshwaters, except a few like the blue shark and the river shark, which is found in rivers and freshwaters. Mostly, they inhabit seas and oceans, usually found in depths of two thousand meters.

Their upper skin is covered with dermal denticles, which protects them from any skin damage or parasite attacks. They have replaceable teeth. Till the 16th century, sharks were called sea dogs by mariners.

Today, this species is threatened by human activities, and the shark population has reduced by 71% since 1970, mostly due to overfishing. The earliest known shark dates back to 420 million years ago.

Did you know? There is a hit kids song, ‘Baby Shark’, which is about a shark family song, by Pinkfonk, a South Korean company, on youtube.

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