Mountain Lion

Akinwalere Olaleye
Sep 16, 2022 By Akinwalere Olaleye
Originally Published on Mar 06, 2021

The little ones will have fun going through this free printable mountain lion coloring pages resource while they learn about mountain lions and their anatomy. Also called cougars, mountain lions are from the family of cats and subspecies of Feline. They are native to America.

They are also called panthers, puma, and painters. Cougar has the habit of ambushing its prey. They mostly prey on deers.

They can attack humans or attack humans when threatened. Their ears are mostly erect on the round head. They are slim and agile.

The adult cougar is around 23.6-35.4 in (60-90 cm) in height and weighs around 116.8-220.4 lb (53-100 kg). They are solitary animals. Female cougars get sexually active when they are around two to three years old and, on average, give birth to one baby cougar at a time.

Their average life span is 8-13 years. Did you know? There is an 18 years old cougar who inhabits Vancouver Island.

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