Realistic Hedgehog

Joan Agie
Sep 16, 2022 By Joan Agie
Originally Published on Mar 06, 2021

Through this free printable realistic hedgehog coloring pages resource, kids can explore various interesting facts about this animal. The physical description in the drawing will help them to identify the animal in real life.

Hedgehogs are small rat-like animals that live in various regions of the earth, such as Africa, Asia, and Europe. Some people domesticate them. Habitats of hedgehogs include forests, grasslands, deserts, gardens, and marshes.

They are nocturnal animals. During the day, they sleep under fallen leaves or in their holes, but at night they hunt insects, spiders, slugs, small reptiles, and even feed on fruits.

There are about 17 types of hedgehogs, out of which, the most popular are spiny hedgehogs. These hedgehogs have sharp spines on their entire bodies except the legs, face, ears, and underside.

The color of the spine is cream with black and brown bands. When hedgehogs sense any danger, they curl themselves like a ball to show only protruding spines. Most kids remember this animal with the popular movie ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, where the hedgehog acquired the superpower ability of being fast as the speed of lightning.

Did you know? Hedgehogs cannot drink milk because they are lactose intolerant.

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