Realistic Kitten

Joan Agie
Sep 16, 2022 By Joan Agie
Originally Published on Feb 17, 2021

Many people adore kittens, with their cute and friendly nature. The little ones will have a fun time with this free printable realistic kitten coloring pages resource, while they color and collect interesting facts about this cute animal.

The young or babies of a cat are generally called kittens.

These little creatures are mammals, and totally dependent on their mothers and the mother cat is very possessive and protective about her kittens. These kittens, after they are born take around a week’s time or more to open their eyes, and after they are a month old, they start eating some solid food.

They are highly adorable little fur creatures and are too innocent and soft to look at. They are kept or raised as pets by many people due to their social and friendly nature towards humans.

In around three months, domesticated kittens are given vaccination, to prevent them from getting different kinds of diseases.

The young creatures are carnivores but at a young age they prefer milk and animal based food. When they are born, they feed on their mothers milk and that is how they develop a passive immunity.

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