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Oluniyi Akande
Sep 16, 2022 By Oluniyi Akande
Originally Published on Mar 12, 2021

The little ones find sharks amusing and interesting, while they also fear them due to their large size accompanied by the fact that they are carnivores and can devour humans. They are well-versed with the popular shark song ‘Baby Shark’ which features the shark family.

This free printable shark kids coloring pages resource provides informative facts about sharks and their kids. Sharks are fast swimmers and keep swimming to save them from sinking.

Sharks have three ways of reproduction. Few sharks give birth to live offspring, one at a time.

Few of them lay eggs and hatch as a result of which the offspring is born. Shark’s can reproduce two sharks to twenty in one go depending on the species they belong to.

Their offspring are called pups. Sharks are not much bothered about their babies when they are born.

However, they lay eggs only at a safe place to save the offspring from predators, but most of the sharks give birth to live pups. Most of the offspring cannot survive the early years after birth and if they do, they mostly eat white fish and rays, and as they grow, they feed on larger fish.

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