Sheep Falling In Pit Coloring Page

Oluwatosin Michael
Sep 16, 2022 By Oluwatosin Michael
Originally Published on Mar 29, 2021

This free printable sheep falling in pit coloring pages resource offers a great visualization of a sheep which has fallen in a pit. A sheep is a herbivore that has been domesticated by humans since ancient times for livestock purposes like meat, fleece and milk.

Their wool is the most extensively used fibre of any animal. Shearing is the process through which the wool is harvested. Domestic sheep are small in size.

Their height and weight varies among different species. Sheep have sharp hearing and are sensitive to noise. They have great peripheral vision too.

They can see behind themselves through their senses, without actually turning their heads. Sheep with considerable wool on their face may suffer from wool blindness, and this mostly occurs among wild sheep.

They run away from the dark because of their bad depth perception. When they are disturbed, they move upwards and uphill.

Sheep and goats are closely related to the subfamily Caprinae. When they move in herds, some of them sometimes fall into pits and if they are not rescued by their owners, they can also die. Therefore, shepherds are very careful about this.

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