Make Your Own Bird Feeder

Laura Savage
Dec 12, 2023 By Laura Savage
Originally Published on Apr 27, 2020
A tiny bird house hanging from a tree branch.

Bring some beautiful birds to your garden with a DIY bird feeder using only cupboard staples!


Nothing says spring quite like the chirping of birds from a blossoming garden, and making your own feeder to draw them in couldn't be easier!

Making bird feeders using household staples is a great way to give something back to nature, get crafty with the kids and get them excited about garden wildlife - they'll love seeing little birds enjoying their homemade feeders!

We've used an empty toilet roll, peanut butter and bird seed here, but you could just as easily use an old litre bottle to create a bottle bird feeder or even a hollowed out orange peel!

Simply fill your DIY bird feeder with anything you have in the cupboard; if you don't have peanut butter then any nuts and seeds will work.

1. Pour out some bird feed or any seeds onto grease-proof paper and set aside

2. Use a knife to spread peanut butter (or any nut/seed butter) over an empty toilet roll

3. Roll your feeder onto the bird feed, pressing gently until it's covered. If you're making a bottle bird feeder, simply cut a small hole halfway up, fill your bottle with seeds to just below the bird hole, pop the lid back on and poke some holes for your string to thread through.

4. Thread some string through your toilet roll (or bottle) and tie it in a knot

5. Find a suitable spot in your garden to hang your DIY bird feeders and get ready for some bird spotting!

Making your own bird feeder is a great way of celebrating the beauty of your garden this National Gardening Week even if it's raining, as you can simply watch from the window!

Through #kidadldaily we'll be sharing one fun-packed idea a day to keep you inspired during lockdown, using only household basics or just your fine selves. Why not make your own rainbow collage to celebrate our wonderful NHS?

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