National Cream Tea Day: Which Component of Afternoon Tea Are You?

Ellie Sylvester
Dec 12, 2023 By Ellie Sylvester
Originally Published on Jun 20, 2019
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There’s no denying that us Brits enjoy a cuppa or two, whether it's at teatime or even out in the sun! Afternoon cream tea has been a decadent delicacy for decades, spanning over 170 years of tradition. What would you say is the most essential part of cream tea?

The scones or the tea? And do you put the cream or jam first?

(It's got to be the cream!) Whichever way you have your scones, know that we’ve got your National Cream Tea Day celebrations covered with the top teas on offer in London this summer. While you're getting inspired, let's find out which component of cream tea you are!

The Tea:

You’re the backbone of your family, the staple in everyone’s lives and the one people turn to for advice. You’re always there for everyone, sometimes multiple times a day and at all hours of the morning.

You’re strong but can be made weak and you’re sometimes full of sweetness, other times, bitterness. You’re timeless and have always been popular amongst the older generation. You believe life is like a cup of tea, it’s all about how you make it.

Why not treat the family to a Traditional Afternoon Tea at B Bakery - the perfect classic tea with a twist that is bound to fulfil all your tea needs.

The Scone:

You’re an integral part of your family; without you it simply wouldn’t function. You’re the straight-talking one who doesn't beat around the bush and knows what they want.

You may start off as a blank canvas but you’re destined to be adorned with all kinds of sweet things in the future. Your name might be difficult to pronounce but your reputation as a classic precedes you as no party is complete without you.

To fulfill all your scone-related needs why not Sip Tea and See the Sights of London in Green Park with your little ones and indulge in a quintessentially British day out!

The Finger Sandwiches:

You’re an all-rounder; a little savoury but when paired with the right people, your personality truly shines. You're a people-pleaser and everyone is content in your company.

You're highly reliable and are someone everyone can count on. You don’t give too much away but everyone is able to recognise your great personality and always wants to come back for more.

Why not show off your skills as an all-rounder and bowl your family over with tickets to the KIA Oval Cricket Ground, which includes a tour of the grounds, followed by afternoon tea while you watch a cricket match! Kidadlers will also get an exclusive free gift at the end of the day.

The Cakes:

You're sweet, irresistible, full of life and liked by everyone. You're great with kids and are highly flexible and adaptable. You know how to make people's days and put a smile on their face.

You have a huge imagination and can be a little weird and wacky at times. People love your colourful and vibrant personality and lust over your dress sense and your attention to detail. Everyone wants a slice of you!

In light of your colourful and vibrant personality, why not take your little ones to Tuck into an Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea? Indulge in a selection of Alice-inspired cakes, pastries, finger sandwiches and teas!

The Pastries:

You're very neat and highly organised - nothing is ever out of place and everything always runs ahead of schedule. You're delicate and don't rush anything that you do; you put time and effort into ensuring that all that you do is presentable and aesthetically pleasing.

However, from time to time you can be a little messy and sometimes have a tendency to flake on plans with friends. Despite this, everyone knows just how special and unique you are!

Why not indulge in some of the finest pastries and enjoy afternoon tea at The Painted Hall - here's to a royally good day out with the family.

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