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As one of the fastest-growing family platforms globally, Kidadl is the modern solution to targeting families wherever they are.

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Kidadl’s audience are digital-first millennials who are passionate about spending quality time educating and entertaining their children. And it's not just about mums; millennial dads are involved more than ever with their children.

These families take an active interest in their children's passions and offer a much less hierarchical role than previous generations, allowing for decisions to be made as a family. They have high expectations of brands, expecting them to help make their lives easier and offer solutions to the questions they have. Kidadl has been created to fulfil these needs for parents, wherever they are based in the world.

We’re Experts In Creating Content That Families Actively Seek Out

We can work with your brand to create authentic, original and engaging content that families will love and that fulfils your campaign objectives.

Display Advertising

We offer IAB standard and premium formats that can be bought directly or programmatically. Contact our partner https://www.mediavine.com/contact/

Sponsorship Opportunities

Benefit from the engagement that parents already have with us by sponsoring content that our amazing editorial team creates. We offer sponsorship of content, newsletters, videos, quizzes, podcasts, coloring pages, educational resources and events.

Partnerships/Branded Content

We will create a bespoke partnership that completely achieves your brand objectives. This can be via branded articles or a tailor-made integrated editorial partnership.

Newsletters/Social Media

Our audience can be reached via targeted and personalized newsletters, or to our growing community of social media followers across all of the key platforms. We offer sponsored posts on our newsletters as well as bespoke newsletters from brands. Additionally, we can offer sponsored posts and videos across social media.


We offer brands the opportunity to have their product or service tested by real families. The reviews will then be featured on our content pages ensuring our audience of millennial parents can be influenced by the most powerful of reviews – those of their fellow parents.

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Our highly regarded editorial teams create all of our original content. We therefore do not allow guest posts, link insertions or CPA/CPC pricing.