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SEPTEMBER 09, 2021

15 Grey Go Away Bird Facts You’ll Never Forget

Grey go away bird facts are all about an astounding bird of the Musophagidae family.

Grey go away (Corythaixoides concolor) is a bird of the Musophagidae family native to South Africa. However, they have quite a large range throughout Africa. They are also called gray turaco and gray lourie. They are spotted mostly in the dry savanna and thorny woodland regions. The grey lourie is a common visitor of the suburban gardens and parks. They have a gray colored body with a long tail and are accompanied by crest feathers that are about 2.3-2.7 in (6-7 cm). The feathers of their crest are occasionally raised by them during dialogue exchange. They possess dark brown eyes.

They are highly social in nature and seem to be very caring parents. Both the parent take individual turns to incubate their eggs. The turacos are fond of flowers, fruits, and berries. They also feed on small invertebrates. The grey go away bird call is shrill and high pitched that is somewhat nasal and appears distinctively as 'go away'.

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Grey Go Away Bird Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a grey go away bird?

Grey go away bird (Corythaixoides concolor) is a gray colored medium sized bird of the turaco species. It has dark gray colored tail feathers and a beautiful grayish white crest.

What class of animal does a grey go away bird belong to?

The grey go away bird belongs to the class Aves and the Musophagidae family.

How many grey go away birds are there in the world?

The go away bird (Corythaixoides concolor) species are found abundantly. Though their exact number is not recorded, four species of grey lourie have been identified and described.

Where does a grey go away bird live?

The range of the habitat of grey go away bird is in Africa, especially South Africa. They reside in parts of coastal Angola, Zambia, Malawi, and Botswana. They are frequently noticed in African regions where acacia trees are predominant, like in Tanzania and Namibia. These birds fly in parts of central Africa and other parts of the world as well.

What is a grey go away bird's habitat?

Grey lourie inhabits the dry savannahs, acacia, and thorny woodlands. They are also seen in suburban gardens, parks, and orchards. They are not migratory in nature but move from tree to tree in search of food.

Who does grey go away birds live with?

The grey turaco flies in groups of 20 birds and is seen to be extremely busy building their nest and searching for flowers, fruits, and nectar in trees.

How long does a grey go away bird live?

The African grey go away bird can live up to 20 years.

How do they reproduce?

The grey go away bird populations reproduce by laying eggs. They can lay up to four eggs. During their breeding season, they become extremely protective of their eggs and both the mates are seen to incubate them individually in their nest. They usually build their nest in acacia or other thorny trees. Their incubation period lasts for about 28 days. Once the eggs hatch, the mates call for other grey lorries to protect their chicks.

What is their conservation status?

The International Union for Conservation of Nature or IUCN Red List has listed the grey go away bird (Corythaixoides concolor) as a species of Least Concern. However, these birds are threatened by humans as they tend to damage fruit and other crops. Their population is also threatened by the raptors or birds of prey.

Grey Go Away bird Fun Facts 

What does grey go away birds look like?

The grey go away bird has a dark smokey grey plumage covering its entire body and head. It is a medium sized bird with a long tail that appears darker than the rest of the body. It has elongated crest feathers on its head that look like a crown.

The grey go away bird has a medium sized body with a long tail and crest feathers.

How cute are they?

The grey turaco is considered cute because of its dark crest feathers and long tail, unlike grey hawks. They look quite beautiful while in flight or sitting on trees.

How do they communicate?

The turacos are highly social birds and they communicate by producing their characteristic shrill 'g way' or 'go away' sound. Their voice accentuates while they are engaged in fights. This typical sound echoes throughout the African forests, thus creating an unusually breathtaking atmosphere.

How big is a grey go away bird?

The turacos are 19-20 in (47.5-50 cm) in length and are considered much bigger in size than the palm warblers.

How fast can a grey go away bird fly?

Although their exact speed is not known, the grey go away bird has weak flight due to its short wingspan. However, they are known to be pretty fast runners because of their strong legs.

How much does a grey go away bird weigh?

The grey go away bird weighs about 0.4-0.7 lb (0.2-0.3 kg). A pine warbler is lighter than this bird.

What are the male and female names of the species?

A male grey go away bird is called a cock and a female grey go away bird is called a hen.

What would you call a baby grey go away bird?

A baby grey go away bird is called a chick.

What do they eat?

The grey go away bird diet includes fruits, flowers, leaves, and small invertebrates. The grey go away bird or grey louries are fond of fruits, especially berries and figs.

Are they dangerous?

These birds of the world do not impose any major threat or harm to humans and so they are not dangerous. However, they are considered to be pests by farmers because of their habit of destroying crops on large scales.

Would they make a good pet?

Although the stunning look of this bird catches several eyes to make them pets, they are extremely zestful and high-spirited. As a result, these birds can not be kept imprisoned for long and would need a well built aviary in order to do so. Thus, they do not qualify to be good pets, unlike parrots.

Did you know...

During their breeding season, the grey lourie exhibits an array of performances to attract their mates. These activities include flattening or raising their crest feathers, squeaking out with much higher tones, and hopping from tree to tree. They also flicker their tail and bow their head in order to seek attention from their partners. Males are also seen to exchange food with their female partners.

Why is it called go away bird?

These birds are known for their characteristic sound that appears to alarm or warns other animals from predominant dangers.

What does a grey go away bird sound like?

Their call appears to be somewhat 'g-way' or 'go away' and nasal.

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