100 Best Fairy Tale Names That You'll Love

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Originally Published on Sep 25, 2020
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Do you love a good fairy tale?

Fairy tales are those whimsical stories that somehow, we all just seem to know, and everyone has their favourite. These classic stories have been recreated many times over the years, with fairy tale characters we have grown to treasure.

Whether you are looking for fairy tale princess names, or something more suitable for a cheeky baby, there is bound to be a classic fairy tale name on our list that is perfect for your new arrival.  

The wonderful thing about naming your child after a fairy tale is that one day you can show them the book or the film that inspired you, and hopefully, it will become one of their favourites too.

For more baby names inspiration why not have a look at these short boys' names, or these fiery names that mean red?

Enchanted Royal Girl Names

Fairytales are a fabulous place to find baby names fit for royalty.

1. Anastasia: (Anastasia)This Greek name means 'resurrection'.

2.Anna: (Frozen) This version of Anna, pronounced 'Aah-Na', has Hebrew origins and means 'grace'.

3. Aurora: (Sleeping Beauty)'Aurora' is the Latin word for 'dawn'.

4. Belle: (Beauty and the Beast) This is another Latin name, meaning 'beautiful'.

5. Briar Rose: (Sleeping Beauty) This name is of English origin and refers to 'the rose among the briars'.

6. Buttercup: (The Princess Bride) This name means 'yellow wildflower' and is of English origin.

7. Daria: (The Princess and the Pea) This is a name of ancient Persian origins, meaning 'sea'.

8. Ella: (Cinderella) Cinderella may be a little on the nose- but her real name was actually Ella! This Hebrew name means 'Goddess'.

9. Elsa: (Frozen) According to it's Hebrew origins, Elsa means 'God's promise'.

10. Eudora: (The Princess and the Frog) Tiana's mother Eudora has a Greek name, meaning 'excellent gift'.

11. Giselle: (Enchanted) This French name means 'pledge'.

12. Jasmine: (Aladdin) This name is of Persian origin and is derived from the name of the fragrant flower.

13. Leah: (Sleeping Beauty) Aurora's mother had a beautiful Hebrew name, if we can just overlook the meaning- 'weary'!

14. Maia: (Thumbelina) This ancient Greek name means 'courage and bravery'.

15. Marian: (Robin Hood) The Latin meaning of Marian is 'rose petal'.

16. Merida: (Brave) This name of Spanish origin means 'one who has achieved a high place of honour'.

17. Odette: (The Swan Princess) Meaning 'wealthy' this pretty name is of French and German origin.

18. Pearl: (The Elves and the Shoemaker) According to mythology, pearls are a symbol of 'wisdom gained through experience'.

19. Snow: (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)A literal name, but beautiful nonetheless.

20. Tabitha: (Thumbelina) This Aramaic name meaning 'gazelle', is also the small but mighty fairy queen in Thumbelina.

21. Tiana: (The Princess and the Frog)This beautiful name means 'Princess', and is of Latin and Russian origin.

Royal Fairy Tale Names For Boys

From Eric and Edward to the more unusual Florian, fairy tale prince names are a great option for your baby.

22. Arthur: (The Sword in the Stone) Believed to be a Welsh name, Arthur means 'bear' and 'king'.

23. Edward: (Enchanted) This English name means 'guardian and protector'.

24. Eric: (The Little Mermaid)A name of Scandinavian origin, meaning 'eternal ruler'.

25. Fergus: (Brave) A Scottish name meaning 'man of force'.

26. Florian: (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)A Latin name meaning 'blooming, flowering'.

27. Naveen: (The Princess and the Frog)This Arabic name means 'new'.

28. Philip: (Sleeping Beauty) A Greek name, meaning 'fond of horses'.

29. Roland: (Sweet Heart Roland) A name of German origin, Roland means 'famous throughout the land'.

30. Triton: (The Little Mermaid) Triton means ‘son of Poseidon’, and is of Greek origin.

31. Westley: (The Princess Bride) Meaning 'western meadow', this name is of Old English origin.

Fairy Tale Heroine Baby Names

Fairy tales aren't just about romance! Check out these brave and daring potential fairy tale girl names, from Alice to Wendy.

32. Alice: (Alice in Wonderland) This name comes from Old German origins, and means 'noble, exalted'.

33. Arrietty: (The Borrowers) This sweet name is of Greek origin and means 'star'.

34. Gretel: (Hansel and Gretel) Gretel is of German origin and means 'pearl'.

35. Nora: (Pete's Dragon) This name is derived from the Latin word for 'honour'.

36. Tigerlily: (Peter Pan) This flower name combines the tough and feminine perfectly.

37. Wendy: (Peter Pan) Derived from the Welsh name 'Gwendoline', J.M Barrie is believed to have created this name. 

Fairy Tale Hero Baby Names

Whether they are facing up to Captain Hook or scaling a beanstalk, these fairy tale boy names are perfect for your little prince.

38. Chip: (Beauty and the Beast) A nickname of the English 'Charles'.

39. Conrad: (The Goose Girl) A German name, meaning 'brave counsel'.

40. Finn: (The Snow Queen) An Irish name meaning 'fair or white'.

41. Flynn: (Tangled) Another Irish name, meaning 'son of the red-haired one'.

42. Hansel: (Hansel and Gretel) The German other half to Gretel, meaning 'God is gracious'.

43. Inigo: (The Princess Bride) This Basque name means 'fiery', perfect for this outspoken character.

44. Jack: Jack and the Beanstalk) A diminutive of the equally popular 'John', Jack means 'God is gracious' and is an Old English name.

45. John: (Peter Pan) A Hebrew name, also meaning 'God is gracious' (that's three so far on this list!).

46. Maurice: (Beauty and the Beast) The French Maurice is Belle's eccentric but endearing father.

47. Micheal: (Peter Pan)A Hebrew name, meaning 'who is like God'.

48. Peter: (Peter Pan) This name is of Greek origin and means 'stone or rock'.

49. Tristan: (Stardust) This Welsh name means 'bold'.

Mermaids And Fairies

Check out these magical fairytale girl names perfect for baby pixies and tiny elves.

Baby girl dressed up in little mermaid costume.

50. Aine: Pronounced 'Awn-ya' this Irish name means 'brightness and splendour'. Aine was believed to be queen of the fairies.

51. Alfreda: A (very) Old English name, meaning ‘elf power’.

52. Elvina: This sweet English name means ‘elf-friend', perfect for your little girl.

53. Evangeline: (The Princess and the Frog) This Greek name means 'bearer of good news'.

54. Fauna: (Sleeping Beauty) Fauna is the Latin name of one of the three fairies tasked with hiding the baby Aurora.

55. Flora: (Sleeping Beauty) Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, and another of Aurora's protectors.

56. Lamia: (Stardust) This Arabic names means 'radiant'.

57. Lorelei: In German folklore, Lorelei was believed to be a mysterious and mischievous mermaid.

58. Maurelle: This pretty French name, means ‘elfin’.

59. Parisa: This Persian name means ‘like a fairy’.

60. Pixie:  Pixie is another term for 'fairie', and of Cornish origin.

61. Radella: This name is of  English origin and means 'elfin advisor'.

62. Sereia: This name is Portuguese for 'mermaid'.

63. Siofra: This traditional Irish name is pronounced 'Sheef-ra' and means 'sprite, or changeling'.

64. Una: (Stardust) The Latin meaning of Una is 'one'.

65. Ursula: (The Little Mermaid) She may have been a villain, but we can't deny it's a fabulous name. Of Latin origin, Ursula means 'little female bear'.

66. Yvaine: (Stardust) This name is of French origin and means 'Yew'.

Wizardry And Elfish Tricks

A fairytale just wouldn't be complete without a pinch of magic and a little mayhem, these fairytale boy names have just that.

67. Alvaro: A Spanish name from the middle ages, meaning 'elf army'.

68. Alfred: A strong name of English origin, Alfred means ‘elf counsel’.

69. Bertie: (The Elves and the Shoemaker) A German name meaning 'bright' and 'raven'.

70. Jareth: (Labrinth)One of the few villains on our list, there is no denying that a Goblin King played by David Bowie deserves a spot here.

71. Merlin: (The Sword and the Stone) This name is of Welsh origin and means 'sea fortress'.

72. Oberon: (A Midsummer Nights Dream) This Shakespearean name means 'noble, bearlike'.

73. Regin: A name of Norse mythology, Regin means 'mythical blacksmith'.

Fairy Tale Creature Baby Names

Rapunzel had Pascal, Cinderella had her mice, every fairy tale needs some animal pals.

74. Bambi: (Bambi) Italian for 'baby girl'.

75. Bruno: (Cinderella) This German name is perfect for Cinderella's loyal hound.

76. Cleo: (Pinocchio) This Greek name means 'glory'.

77. Faline: (Bambi) This Latin name means 'cat like'.

78. Figaro: (Pinocchio) This Italian sounding French name was made up by Pierre de Beaumarchais to mean 'barber'.

79. Gus: (Cinderella) Gus means 'great' and is of English origin, often used as a nickname for names like Fergus and Angus.

80. Jacques: (Cinderella) This name is the French variation of James.

81. Louis: (The Princess and the Frog) A name of German and French origin, meaning 'renowned warrior'.

82. Pascal: (Tangled) The chameleon sidekick of Rapunzel, Pascal is a French name that means 'of the Passover, Easter'.

83. Sebastian: (The Little Mermaid)  This Greek name means 'revered'.

84. Wolf: (Little Red Riding Hood) Another name that is a little obvious, but Wolf is definitely up there with the more hipster fairytale names.

Bookish Fairy Tale Baby Names

These authors and collectors are who we have the thank for all the fairy tales we love today, would you name your child after one of them?

85. Antoine: Antoine Galland translated the 1001 Nights collection from it's original Arabic to French, and is also believed to be the author of the stories Aladdin and Ali Baba.

86. Charles: Charles Perrault is the author of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty among many more fairy tales, he is believed to have helped start the genre.

87. Gabrielle: Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve  (quite the name!) was the French novelist of the original Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.

88. Hans: Hans Christian Anderson is the Danish author behind Thumbelina and The Little Mermaid, among many others.

89. Jacob: One of the Brothers Grimm, who wrote some of the most macabre fairy tales around, luckily they have been retold so many times, that the darker aspects have been written over or forgotten.

90. Marie: Thanks to Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy naming her her 1697 collection of stories 'Les Contes des Fées' which translates to 'fairy tales', we have the name of an entire genre.

91. Wilhelm: The second of the Brothers Grimm, another great storyteller who we can thank for many of the fairytales we know and love today.

Unisex Fairy Tale Baby Names

From mermaids to some mischievous pixies, you can find the perfect gender neutral name with a classic fairy tale twist.

92. Ali: (Aladdin) If Aladdin seems a little obvious, how about the Urdu name Ali, meaning 'high, elevated and champion'.

93. Ariel: (The Little Mermaid) Ariel is of Hebrew origin, and means 'lion of God'.

94. Aubrey: A name of English and French origin, Aubrey is straight of the middle ages and means 'elf ruler'.

95. Avery: This Old English name means 'ruler of the elves',  and sounds whimsical but modern.

96. Elliot: (Pete's Dragon) This Hebrew name means 'bravely and truly'.

97. Ray: (The Princess and the Frog) This Old English name means 'wise protector'.

98. Robin: (Robin Hood) An English name meaning 'famed, bright and shining'

99. Sen: This Japanese name means 'lotus flower', and according to legend, Sen is a mythological forest elf.

100. Zephyr: (The Garden of Paradise) This Greek name means 'a soft, gentle breeze'.

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