100 Ancient Aramaic Names With Meanings

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Originally Published on Nov 27, 2020
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No one wants their children to have a boring name. They would like them to have a combination of unique or variant of a name that has a beautiful meaning.

It is believed that a child's personality is shaped by their name. It is also believed that different regions of the world have different rituals that follow when they decided on a name.

When you're searching for an extraordinary name, what better way is there to search for Aramaic names! Aramaic, also known as Assyrian, is a language spoken by the Assyrians and spread over the Middle East and North African region.

Different religious communities have different baby names. Modern Aramaic or modern Hebrew names are derived from the Hebrew Bible. There is extensive literature available and a long history about how these names were derived.

The Biblical Aramaic language is a little different from the Hebrew Bible language. Modern Aramaic and Modern Hebrew are similar, but the languages belong to different religious communities.

The Aramaic language is spoken more towards the Middle East. You could technically say that the pronunciation is similar.

The Aramaic alphabet is similar to the Hebrew language and their variants can be seen in the Hebrew Bible. Aramaic is considered to be a Semitic language.

Hebrew is also a Semitic language. The ancient region of Mesopotamia is considered to be where the Semitic language originated. There is extensive literature about these related languages for example how the Aramaic alphabet originated.

Aramaic names are some of the most frequently chosen names out of all the other cultures as the names are easy to pronounce. They are also considered to be the favorite baby names by a majority of parents because of their meanings.

The Akkadian language that was spoken in ancient Babylonia is also considered to be a Semitic language. One of the Semitic languages, before it got divided into Biblical Aramaic was seen in the Hebrew Bible.

The Biblical Aramaic language is a little different than the Hebrew Bible. There is a lot of extensive literature about these related languages. There is also a long history of these related languages that are written.

The regions of Babylonia and Mesopotamia were considered to be dominated by Jews and Christians. Historically Babylonia was considered to be a state of Mesopotamia. Arabic is spoken more towards the Middle East and is considered to be a Semitic language.

They do not however fall in the same category. The Middle East region does have a long history with Jews and Christians.

You would be surprised to know that some of your favorite baby names have Aramaic roots. The meaning of these names can have roots that come from Christians or Jews.

the meaning could also come from Arabic. The Middle Eastern regions historically have had the most meaningful names.

Choosing a baby's name can be a difficult task as you want your baby to have a name that will define them in their life. As parents, we want to choose a name that will also have a historical background as that would make the child appreciate the name.

These are popular and unique names derived from German, Persian, Scandinavian, Turkish, Roman, and Basque words. Most Aramaic last names can also be used as first names and they have their unique Aramaic alphabet.

The Aramaic language is quite similar to modern Hebrew. The Assyrians also often abbreviate the individual names to only a couple syllables for the epithet. If you are looking for Aramaic baby names, then check out our list of names with meanings mentioned below.

Aramaic Names For Girls

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The Aramaic baby names are essentially founded on the religion and presence of God. Any Assyrian name comprised of a first name and a patronymic name.

Modern Aramaic baby names have been modified so that they are not complicated. If you are looking for a religious yet modern name for your baby girl, then read out a list of Aramaic names for baby girls.

These names have descended from different religious communities and we have selected one of the favorite baby names or rather popular baby names. Maybe you'll find some favorite baby names.

1. Aaliyah (Aramaic origin) means"exalted, sublime". Famous name bearer: American singer Aaliyah.

2. Babette (Aramaic origin) means "promise of God". Famous name bearer: American philosopher Babette Babich.

3. Beth (Aramaic origin) means "house of poverty".           

4. Bethany (Aramaic origin) means "house of poverty".      

5. Bryony (Aramaic origin) means"flowering plant".

6. Brynn (Aramaic origin) means"from a hilly land". Famous name bearer: American model Brynn Rumfallo.

7. Buena (Aramaic origin) means "woman of good.

8. Clemence (Aramaic origin) means"compassionate".

9. Els (Aramaic origin) means"promise of God".

10. Kenisha (Aramaic origin) means"pretty woman".           

11. Jagur (Aramaic origin) means "heap of stones, marker".

12. Marti (Aramaic origin) means "diminutive of Martha Lady".             

13. Martie (Aramaic origin) means "diminutive of Martha Lady".   

14. Maren (Aramaic origin) means"a sea of sorrow Girl".            

15. Marfa (Aramaic origin) means"lady of the house".

16. Martella  (Aramaic origin) means"a woman is the ruler of the house".          

17. Martelle (Aramaic origin) means"a lady who is the mistress of the house".        

18. Martha (Aramaic origin) means"female version of Marc". Famous name bearer: celebrity chef Martha Stewart.  

19. Maria (Aramaic origin) means"bitter or wished-for child". Famous name bearer: musical artist Maria Franz.

20. Mariet  (Aramaic origin) means"a mistress of the house".

21. Nandag (Aramaic origin) means "gracious, merciful".

22. Natasha (Aramaic origin) means "birthday of Chris".

23. Raziah (Aramaic origin) means "the Lord's secret".  

24. Patty (Aramaic origin) means "diminutive of Martha: Lady". Famous name bearer: Patty Gurdy.

25. Samantha (Aramaic origin) means "listens well".               

26. Tabby (Aramaic origin) means "diminutive of Tabitha: Gazelle".         

27. Tabitha (Aramaic origin) means "graceful beauty".

28. Tami (Aramaic origin) means "A form of tammy".

29. Thomasine (Aramaic origin) means "twin".              

30. Xiomara  (Aramaic origin) means"joyful deer".

31.Ximena (Aramaic origin) means "one who has heard". Famous name bearer: Mexican singer-songwriter Ximena Sariñana.

32.Zola (Aramaic origin) means "unclear".

Aramaic Names For Boys

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Aramaic for God is ʼĔlāhā or Alaha. If you are looking for baby names that are powerful and identify with the male gender then keep on reading the Aramaic names for boys.

33. Adlai (Aramaic origin) means"ornament of God". Famous name bearer: former Governor of Illinois Adlai Stevenson II.

34. Bane (Aramaic origin) means "son of the Prophet". It is the name of a character that appeared in the 'Batman' movie and comics.

35. Bart (Aramaic origin) means"son of Tolmai". It is a variant of the name Barton and Bartholomew. 

36. Bardo (Aramaic origin) means "plowman".       

37. Bardol (Aramaic origin) means "plowman".   

38. Barth (Aramaic origin) means "son of Tolmai". Aramaic boy names like these are common in Hebrew.

39. Barthel (Aramaic origin) means "son of furrows".

40. Bartholomew (Aramaic origin) means "son of the one who abounds in furrows". Famous name bearer: Bartholomew, one of the 12 apostles of Christ.

41. Bartoli (Aramaic origin) means "one who abounds in furrows". Famous last name bearer: French tennis player Marion Bartoli.

42. Bate (Aramaic origin) means "son of Talmai".

43. Bertel (Aramaic origin) means "noble, bright". Famous name bearer: Finnish speed skater Bertel Backman.

44. Cephus (Aramaic origin) means "a stone or a rock".

45. Chanan (Aramaic origin) means "a compassionate God".

46. Cleophas (Aramaic origin) means "a woman who saw Jesus being crucified". He was one of the two disciples who encountered Jesus.

47. Damos (Aramaic origin) means"aking". It is also the name of a fictional character from the animated series 'Pokémon'.

48. Faddey (Aramaic origin) means "a gift given by God".

49. Ferenc (Aramaic origin) means "French man". Famous name bearer: Hungarian author Ferenc Molnár.

50. Isai (Aramaic origin) means "God delivers". Such beautiful Aramaic boy names are used in Middle East countries.

51. Joshua (Aramaic origin) means "God is salvation". It is an Aramaic word for Jesus. Famous name bearer: Korean singer Joshua Hong.

52. Jorell (Aramaic origin) means"father".

53. Jock (Aramaic origin) means "God is merciful". Such baby names are unique and cute.

54. Kaleho (Aramaic origin) means "cowry shell".

55. Langston (Aramaic origin) means "long stone".

56. Luciano (Aramaic origin) means "Light of the day".

57. Mar (Aramaic origin) means "one who is a Lord".

58. Matthis (Aramaic origin) means "gift of God".

59. Peter (Aramaic origin) means "rock and a stone".

60. Stansfield (Aramaic origin) means "stony field". Famous name bearer: singer-songwriter Lisa Stansfield.

61. Taddeo (Aramaic origin) means "a gift of God".     

62.Tayshaun (Aramaic origin) means "God is merciful". Famous name bearer: American basketball player Tayshaun Prince.

63. Tadeusz  (Aramaic origin) means"gift of God".                  

64. Tadzio (Aramaic origin) means"having a heart".

65. Tavarius (Aramaic origin) means"one who has no luck".        

66. Telford (Aramaic origin) means "from Telford". It is also the name of a town in England.

67. Teoma (Aramaic origin) means "twin".                    

68. Thaddeus (Aramaic origin) means "praise".            

69. Thady (Aramaic origin) means "praise".

70. Tavi  (Aramaic origin) means "beloved".

71. Thomas (Aramaic origin) means "twin". It is also one of the most common names in the Hebrew language.  

72. Thorley (Aramaic origin) means "Thor's meadow". Famous name bearer: English poet Wilfrid Thorley.

73. Tommy (Aramaic origin) means "twin". It is also the name of an international clothing brand called Tommy Hilfiger.

74. Turner (Aramaic origin) meaning "a craftsman who works with wood", is a popular baby name.

75. Tuomas (Aramaic origin) means "twin".

76. Wilden (Aramaic origin) means "a willow valley".

77. Zachary (Aramaic origin) means "Yahweh has remembered". It is an Aramaic name for Jesus. Famous name bearer: actor Zachary Levi.           

78. Zacchaeus (Aramaic origin) means "pure".

79. Zebedeo (Aramaic origin) means "servant of God"

80. Zeke (Aramaic origin) means "God strengthens". It is also the name of an American sitcom called 'Zeke and Luther'.

Gender Neutral Aramaic Names

A gender-neutral name could be perfect for your child, especially if you're planning on raising them in a way that ignores so-called traditional gender roles. Aramaic baby names have originated in the Middle East, are sometimes derived from Greek names, and names that mean beloved in Aramaic are very popular. So, check out these names in Aramaic.

81. Aaren (Aramaic origin) means "strong". Famous name bearer: O. J. Simpson's daughter Aaren Simpson.

82. Abijah (Aramaic origin) means "my father is Yah".

83. Aram (Aramaic origin) means "son of the sun". It is also an Aramaic word for God.

84. Bat (Aramaic origin) means "son of Tolmai".

85. Brogan (Aramaic origin) means "shoemaking". Famous name bearer: child actor Brogan Hall.

86. Chuma (Aramaic origin) means "warmth, heat". Famous name bearer: American football player Chuma Edoga.

87. Chanan (Aramaic origin) means "a compassionate God". A very unique and rare name for both boys and girls.

87. Gethsemane (Aramaic origin) means "estate of the olive tree".

88. Hadley (Aramaic origin) means "meadow of heathers". Famous name bearer: statistician Hadley Wickham.

89. Mata (Aramaic origin) meaning "wood or forest".

90. Marti (Aramaic origin) means "March". Famous name bearer: professor Marti Hearst.

91. Noor (Aramaic origin) means"light".

92. Nour (Aramaic origin) means"the divine light".

93. Nur (Aramaic origin) means "light".

94. Tam (Aramaic origin) means "innocent, honest, naive", one of the popular Aramaic boy names.

95. Tamas (Aramaic origin) means"twin". It is also the name of the novel by Indian author Bhisham Sahni.

96. Tasi (Aramaic origin) means "sea or ocean", a popular name in the Middle East.

97. Thadious (Aramaic origin) means "gift of God".

98. Thaddeus  (Aramaic origin) means "having a heart". Famous name bearer: Judas Thaddaeus, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.

99. Tommie (Aramaic origin) means "twin". You can also use this name as a pet name for Thomas. In Hebrew, it is written as Tommy.

100. Yanai (Aramaic origin) means "he will answer". Famous last name bearer: Japanese businessman Tadashi Yanai.

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