80+ Baby Names Meaning Sky With Origin For Your Baby

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Any traditional Arabic name, meaning breeze, storm, air, wind, or cloud is regarded as extremely popular.

Why Baby Names Meaning Sky?

Regardless of where we happen to be, the sky is constantly above us. Many find motivation in its expansive beauty and awe-inspiring magnificence.

A baby's name is one of the most remarkable and beautiful things a parent can do; therefore, it's only natural that the sky would be an excellent place to look for ideas.

You may want to consider names that imply the sky if you have a deep connection to the natural world, like gazing up at all times of day and night, or get significant meaning from contemplating its limitless, enigmatic, and magical nature.

The names that signify 'sky' are as beautiful, profound, and unforgettable as the night sky. Find inspiration in these cool names for your newborn by checking them out.

Last Names Meaning Sky

1. Abara (Japanese Origin) - shows inner peace and calmness.

2. Akizora (Japanese Origin) - denotes prosperity and wealth.

3. Amachi (Japanese Origin) - signifies divine protection.

4. Amai (Japanese Origin) - shows sweetness and a pleasing attitude.

5. Amanda (Spanish Origin) - illustrates a lovely character.

6. Aozora (Japanese Origin) - represents wisdom and good health.

7. Cheon (Korean Origin) - denotes love for family.

8. Gökçe (Turkish Origin) - shows stability and calmness.

9. Himelfarb (Yiddish Origin) - signifies holiness and superiority.

10. Himmel (German Origin) - represents faithfulness.

11. Hoshizora (Japanese Origin) - illustrates calm behavior.

12. Igwe (Igbo Origin) - gives the feeling of supremacy.

13. Langit (Filipino Origin) - shows thoughtfulness.

14. Malanget (Chamorro Origin) - is a good name for your child.

15. Marcet (Catalan Origin) - is a lovely name for your beautiful baby.

16. Ōzora (Japanese Origin) - shows strength and power.

17. Sagorsky (Russian Origin) - is a cute baby name.

18. Stellato (Italian Origin) - shows defense and preservation.

19. Taevas (Estonian Origin) - is a great name for your baby boy.

20. Tenkubashi (Japanese Origin) - shows unity among others.

Boy Names Meaning Sky

21. Akash (Indian Origin) - meaning 'open space; sky'.

22. Amphorn (Thai Origin) - meaning 'sky'.

23. Caelestis (Roman Origin) - meaning 'of the sky; heavenly'.

24. Caelus (Roman Origin) - meaning 'sky'.

25. Gokcan (Turkish Origin) - meaning 'vast sky'.

26. Keyne (Cornish Origin) - meaning 'man of the eastern sky'.

27. Mahpiya (Native American Origin) - meaning 'cloud sky'.

28. Moe (Burmese Origin) - meaning 'sky; rain'.

29. Myrsky (Finnish Origin) - meaning 'sky'.

30. Neven (Irish Origin) - meaning 'sky'.

31. Ouranos (Greek Origin) - meaning 'sky; heaven'.

32. Payne (Native American Origin) - meaning 'sky blue'.

33. Sepher (Persian Origin) - meaning 'sky'.

34. Skye (English Origin) - meaning 'sky'.

35. Zenith (English Origin) - meaning 'the highest point in the heavens; the very top; the point in the sky directly overhead'.

36. Zeru (Besque Origin) - meaning 'sky'.

37. Zeus (Greek Origin) - meaning 'sky'.

Selecting a Greek name that means sky blue is extremely popular as a boy name.

Girl Names Meaning Sky

38. Aethra (Greek Origin) - means 'bright sky'.

39. Ahana (Japanese Origin) - means 'sky flower'.

40. Alya (Arabic Origin) - means 'sky; heavenly'.

41. Amaterasu (Japanese Origin) - means 'heaven and sky'.

42. Araceli (Spanish Origin) - means 'alter of the sky'.

43. Azure (Spanish Origin) - means 'sky blue'.

44. Celeste (Italian Origin) - means 'of the sky; heavenly'.

45. Ciela (Spanish Origin) - means 'sky or heaven'.

46. Dangira (Lithuanian Origin) - means 'sky'.

47. Haneul (Korean Origin) - means 'sky or heaven'.

48. Kailani (Hawaiian Origin) - means 'sea and sky'.

49. Kalani (Hawaiian Origin) - means 'sky; the heavens'.

50. Lulani (Hawaiian Origin) - means 'sky; highest heaven'.

51. Miku (Japanese Origin) - means 'beautiful sky'.

52. Nuit (Egyptian Origin) - means 'sky'.

53. Rakia (Hebrew Origin) - means 'sky; heaven'.

54. Samira (Arabic Origin) - means 'sky'.

55. Sema (Turkish Origin) - means 'sky'.

56. Tsisana (Georgian Origin) - means 'of the sky'.

57. Zerua (Basque Origin) - means 'sky; heavens'.

Names Meaning Night Sky

58. Aayan (Persian Origin) - This name means 'long night'.

59. Ajambo (Luo Origin) - This girl's name means 'born in the evening.'

60. Amaya (Japanese Origin) - It means 'night rain.'

61. Blake (English Origin) - Its meaning is 'dark,' like the night sky.

62. Callisto (Greek Origin) - Derived from the Greek word Kallistos, Callisto is the bright moon of Jupiter seen at night.

63. Cynthia Greek Origin) - Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, sometimes went by Cynthia.

64. Deva (Hindu Origin) - This lovely name comes from Hindi mythology's moon goddess and, appropriately, means 'divine, godlike.'

65. Duff (Gaelic Origin) - This cute and quirky Gaelic name, which means 'dark,' is an adorable choice for your little boy.

66. Estelle (Latin and French Origin) - Estelle has Latin and French roots and means 'star.'

67. Hoku (Hawaiian Origin) - This name means a 'night of the full moon'.

68. Hunapo (Maori Origin) - This name means 'being hidden in darkness'.

69. Ilta (Finnish Origin) - Meaning 'evening'.

70. Koko (Japanese Origin) - A pretty Japanese name that means 'stork or night,'.

71. Laila/Layla (Hebrew Origin) - This elegant name means 'night or dark.'

72. Lillith (Babylonian Origin) - An elegant Babylonian name, Lillith means 'belonging to the night.'

73. Nash (English Origin) - It's the name of a star in the constellation Sagittarius.

74. Nisha (Hindi Origin ) - This name means 'night'.

75. Nox (Roman Origin) - Nox was the name for the Roman goddess of the night

76. Nuit (French Origin) - This name means 'night'.

77. Nyx (Greek Origin) - This name means 'night'.

78. Orpheus (Greek Origin) - It means 'the darkness of night.'

79. Samar (Arabic Origin) - A name that means 'evening conversation'.

80. Samira (Arabic Origin) - This name means 'evening conversationalist'.

81. Twyla (British Origin) - Twyla means twilight or early evening.

82. Vesper - This James Bond character means 'evening.'

83. Yoru (Japanese Origin) - It means 'dark night.'


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