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Originally Published on Nov 30, 2020
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Japanese baby names are often used to describe the nature of your child. As in all cultures, you choose a name that suits your baby best.

Most Japanese baby names have multiple meanings because of the kanjis used in the Japanese language for the character structure, but we have chosen the best Japanese baby name for your child, which are rare and also strong and meaningful. Check out our list of popular, unique, and unisex Japanese names for boys and girls.

You can also check out Japanese boy names and Japanese girls names for more inspiration.

Rare Japanese Girl Names

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When you're expecting a baby you have so much on your mind so we've collected a list of the some of the best baby names to make it easier. Maybe one of these will be perfect for your little one.

1. Ahma (Japanese origin) means “black rain".  

2. Aya (Japanese origin) is a beautiful name meaning “colorful”.

3. Bashira (Japanese origin) name meaning “joyful”. You can also abbreviate the name as Shira.  

4. Chiyo (Japanese origin) means “a thousand generations”.

5. Emi (Japanese origin) means “beautiful smile”. Such baby names are perfect for girls with a beautiful smile.

6. Fumiko (Japanese origin) means “intellectual".

7. Hana (Japanese origin) means “flower, blossom”.

8. Himari (Japanese origin) means “ball of light” or “home of light and love.”

9. Hoshi/Hoshiko (Japanese origin) name meaning “star”. Such beautiful Japanese baby names are so unique and cute.

10. Ichika (Japanese origin) means “one summer”.  

11. Japana (Japanese origin) means “ambitious”, a Japanese name based on the country itself.

12. Kairi (Japanese origin) one of the most unique baby names that means 'sea'.

13. Kimi (Japanese origin) a cool baby name meaning "honorable."

14. Koko (Japanese origin) means “Coco”. It is a super cute Japanese name with French heritage.

15. Mana (Japanese origin) means “affection".

16. Nara (Japanese origin) means “flower from heaven,” giving a profound quality to this floral baby name for girls.  

17. Niko (Japanese origin) means “benevolence”. One of the precious Japanese baby names for your girl who has gem-like quality.

18. Risa (Japanese origin) name meaning “growing flowers at home”. It is so rare to find such meaningful names for your baby girl.

19. Sakura (Japanese origin) means “cherry blossom".

20. Takara (Japanese origin) means “treasure”. A cute Japanese baby name meaning "precious" for your girl.

Rare Japanese Boy Names

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Japanese baby names such as Kazutaka, a name meaning "precious", are slowly gaining popularity among parents. Many of them have such wonderful meanings that many people find them perfect for their baby boy. Maybe you will find your perfect name in this list.

21. Akio (Japanese origin) this name means “bright man,” “bold,” or “hero".

22. Daiki (Japanese origin) this name means “big” and “shining”. Choosing a name meaning shining is a perfect way to describe your baby.

23. Haruki (Japanese origin) this name means “shining brightly” or “spring child”.

24. Hiro (Japanese origin) this name means “hero”. Japanese baby names like these are very popular among new parents.

25. Hisashi (Japanese origin) this name means “consistency.”

26. Ichiro (Japanese origin) this name means “firstborn child”. Famous name bearer: baseball player Ichiro Suzuki.

27. Izumi (Japanese origin) means “spring”. Perfect for a spring baby.

28. Katsumi (Japanese origin) means “win over the sea.”

29. Kazue (Japanese origin) means “single blessing”.

30. Kiyoshi (Japanese origin) means “bright,” “pure,” and “soundless”.

31. Koji (Japanese origin) means “little one”. Perfect for a baby sibling.

32. Kosuke(Japanese origin) means “rising sun”.

33. Naoki (Japanese origin) means “tree of truth”.

34. Natsuo (Japanese origin) means “birth of summer”.

35. Seiichi (Japanese origin) means “one who is sincere.”

36. Sora (Japanese origin) means “ky”.

37. Tadashi (Japanese origin) means “loyal”.

38. Tatsuo (Japanese origin) means “masculine dragon”.

39. Tetsu (Japanese origin) means “thoroughness”.

40. Tomo (Japanese origin) means “intelligent, knowledge”.

Traditional Gender Neutral Japanese Names

Gender neutral names are the perfect way to name the love of your life. Why bound your child to a gender before they have even arrived in the world? These Japanese baby names are perfect for any gender.

41. Akari (Japanese origin) means “lights” or “brightness”.

42. Chihiro (Japanese origin) means "thousand, abundance". Famous name bearer: Japanese director Chihiro Fujioka.

43. Hayami (Japanese origin) means “rare beauty”.

44. Masa (Japanese origin) means “just or true”.

45. Toshiro (Japanese origin) means “talented or intelligent". Famous name bearer: beloved anime character Toshiro Hitsugaya.

46. Tsukasa (Japanese origin) means "mound, (small) hill".

47. Yamato (Japanese origin) means “old Japan.”

48. Yoshi (Japanese origin) means “silent or quiet.” Famous name bearer: Professional wrestler Yoshi Tatsu.

49. Yū (Japanese origin) means "tenderness" or "superiority".

50. Yukio (Japanese origin) means “happy or fortunate boy.”

Kidadl has a huge compilation of great names. If you liked our list of rare Japanese baby names, you can check out our list of gender neutral Japanese names and Japanese dog names as well.

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