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Gender neutral names can be a lovely choice for your baby if you don't want to attach associations with gender to them.

Baby names have a lot of historical significance and individual importance to each family. It's important to consider gender neutral Japanese names and meanings very carefully.

We have put together a list of beautiful Japanese baby names that are unisex, also known as gender neutral, meaning that they don't have a specific gender association.  If you are looking for thoughtful, gender neutral baby names for your child, then we have outlines several beautiful Japanese names and meaning for each of them.

How Can You Tell If A Japanese Name Is Gendered?

Suffixes can usually indicate whether a Japanese name is usually used for a particular gender. For girls names, two of the most common are: 'ko' and 'me'.

For Japanese boys names, two of the most common are 'rō' and 'ta'. Common Japanese names may use these suffixes. Some of the names in this list may be used more often for one gender or another, but ultimately the name itself is unisex.

With most of these Japanese names, different kanji characters may be used to spell the same name. The meaning of the name will change depending on the kanji characters used to spell it out.

There are also different writing systems, therefore a name translated into the Roman alphabet may have multiple meanings depending on which system is uses, or within the kanji system itself which characters are used.

It's always best to research into names that fit well for your family and child, to make sure you find the perfect one for your child.

Japanese Gender Neutral Baby Names About Fragrance

If you are looking for a name with a beautiful meaning, here are some Japanese unisex names that mean 'fragrance'.

1) Asuka, pronounced A-SOO-KA or A-SKA meaning "tomorrow" or "fragrance".

2) Haruka, pronounced HA-ROO-KA meaning "spring" or "fragrance".

3) Kaoru, pronounced KA-O-ROO meaning "fragrance". This name is quite prevalent in pop culture and reasonably popular.

Beautiful Japanese Gender Neutral Names About Light

This list of Japanese names is about light or sunshine and imparts a hopeful, upbeat name meaning. Here are some unisex Japanese names below.

4) Akira, pronounced A-KEE-RA a name meaning "the sunlight". Predominantly used for boys, this is a unisex Japanese name.

5) Haru, pronounced HAR-OO means "sunshine". It can also mean "clear weather".

6) Harumi, pronounced HAH-ROO-MEE, it means "sunny beauty, sunny sea, spring fruit and spring beauty".

7) Hikari, pronounced KHEE-KA-REE, means "light".

8) Mitsue, pronounced MEE-TSUU-E means "branch of light".

9) Mitsuyo, pronounced MIT-SUY-O means "light". The kanji characters can mean 'light' and 'world'.

Japanese Gender Neutral Names About Nature

Japanese baby names about nature are a lovely choice to remind your child about our relationship towards the earth, we have put together some cute unisex names about nature for your baby.

10) Hayate, pronounced HA-YA-TEH, meaning "sudden, sound of the wind".

11) Hazuki, pronounced HAH-ZUU-KEE. meaning "month of the leaves".

12) Izumi, pronounced EE-ZOO-MEE, meaning "spring" or "fountain" and "truth".

13) Kurumi, pronounced KUU-ROO-MEE, meaning "walnut".

14) Masaki, pronounced MA-SA-KEE, meaning "correct" or "tree". (not very common).

15) Matoi, pronounced MAH-TO-EE meaning "wind" or "wrap around".

16) Mayumi, pronounced MA-YOO-MEE, meaning "bow" or "spindle tree".

17) Midori, pronounced MEE-DO-REE,  meaning "green".

18) Mitsuki, pronounced MIT-SU-KI, meaning "full moon".

19) Nagisa, pronounced NA-GYEE-SA, meaning "beach".

20) Ren, pronounced REHN, meaning "lotus and love".

21) Sora, pronounced SO-RA, meaning "sky".

22) Takemi, pronounced TAH-KEH-MEE, meaning "bamboo".

23) Yuki, pronounced YOO-KYEE, meaning "happiness" or "snow".

Japanese Gender Neutral Names About The Seasons

Here are some cute Japanese names about the seasons for your baby. These unisex baby names could be a great choice if you want to commemorate the birth of your child through their name, or equally as good if you simply want to name them after a season significant to your family.

24) Akimi, pronounced AHKEE-ME, means "autumn fruit". This is one of the more unique Japanese names for your baby.

25) Chiaki, pronounced CHEE-A-KYEE, means "thousand" or "autumn". This is one of the more rare Japanese names for your baby.

26) Itsuki, pronounced EE-TSOO-KYEE, means "spring trees".

27) Natsuki, pronounced NA-TSOO-KYEE means "summer". This one of the more popular Japanese names.

28) Natsuo, pronounced NAH-TSUU-O means "summer".

Gender Neutral Japanese Baby Names About Personality

Some Japanese names about personality for your child, these unisex names are great fit for your family to inspire children to be their unique selves.

29) Hiro, pronounced HEE-ROH, meaning "generosity".

30) Ibuki, pronounced EE-BUU-KEE, meaning "brave".

31) Jun, pronounced JOON, meaning "genuine" or "pure".

32) Katsumi, pronounced KAHTS-MEE, meaning "excel" or "succeed".

33) Kayo, pronounced KEY-OH, meaning "congratulate" or "celebrate".

34) Maiko, pronounced MAI, meaning "dance child".

35) Masami, pronounced MA-SA-MEE, meaning "considerate" or "beauty".

36) Masumi, pronounced MA-SOO-ME, meaning "sense of true clarity".

37) Michiyo, pronounced MEE-CHEE-YO, meaning "thousand generations of beauty".

38) Mikoto, pronounced MEE-KO-TO, meaning "beauty".

39) Misao, pronounced MEE-SA-O, meaning "chastity".

40) Shizuka, pronounced SHEE-ZOO-KA. meaning "quiet".

41) Tomo, pronounced TO-MO, meaning "friend".

42) Tomomi, pronounced TO-MO-MEE, meaning "intelligent".

43) Tsukasa, pronounced TSKA-SA, meaning "chief or manager".

44) Yoshimi, pronounced YOW-SHIY-MIY, meaning "fondness, beauty, good".

45) Yu, pronounced, UY, meaning "tenderness" or "evening".

More Japanese Gender Neutral Names

Here is a range of Japanese name meanings from some beautiful names for your child. Japanese unisex names can be a great choice for a family looking for names that don't have connotations of a specific gender.

The Japanese baby names below have some lovely meanings to convey a range of ideas within the name, there is one here to suit any family.

46) Anri, pronounced AW-N-R-EE means "shining force".

47) Chihiro, pronounced CHEE-HEE-RO, it means "thousand" or "abundance".

48) Kazu, pronounced KA-ZOO, it means "harmony" or "peace".

49) Kou, pronounced KAU-WU, it means "clear".

50) Maki, pronounced MAH-KEE, it means "true" or "precious".

51) Makoto, pronounced MA-KO-TO, this name means "sincerity".

52) Nao, pronounced NA-O, means "honesty".

53) Naomi, pronounced NAI-OH-MEE, meaning "straight" when used to name a little girl, or "self" when used to name a little boy. Is more commonly in lists for baby names for girls, but is gender neutral.

54) Nozomi, pronounced N-UH-Z-OH-M-EE, meaning "wish" and "hope".

55) Rei, pronounced REH, meaning "lovely".

56) Satsuki, pronounced SAT-SU-KEY, meaning "May".

57) Seiko, pronounced SE-KO, meaning "force and truth".

58) Tala, pronounced Tah-RA, meaning "reliable" for girls and "Easy" for boys. This is a rare name.

59) Yoshika, YO-SHUH-KAH meaning "is thanks".

60) Yuri, pronounced YOO-REE, means "abundant ideals".

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