Here's Why You Should See The Summer Out With 25% Off At Dreamland Amusement Park


Dreams really do come true. Seize the end of the summer by taking advantage of Kidadl’s 25% off wristbands (making them just £12!) to Dreamland in Margate, giving you and your mini adventurers unlimited access to all rides and attractions! After a recent revamp, Dreamland has become one of the top tourist spots on the southeast coast, with 20+ attractions to keep everyone entertained so if you’re looking for a fun family day out, you’ve certainly found it. From iconic attractions like the Scenic Railway (the UK’s oldest wooden roller coaster), Dreamland Ark (perfect for animal lovers) and Octopus's Garden (a quirky indoor play zone), there truly is something for everyone. Come on down if you don’t believe us, or check out our 5 reasons down below if you still need some convincing.

1. You can save money with Kidadl's 25% discount

There’s no denying that the back to school period isn’t expensive; with new uniforms and stationery it’s easy to spend a whole lotta money in a short space of time. But Kidadl’s got you covered. When you book tickets to Dreamland in advance you'll save 25% compared to the price at the gate, and still get unlimited access to all the attractions - it’s a win win situation! All you’ve got to do is swap your ticket for a wristband on the day and you'll be good to go. Not only does this save you heaps of money but it’ll also mean that you’ll be super organised on arrival and be able to hop on the big wheel straight away - don’t look down!

girl eating ice cream at dreamland margate discounted tickets

2. There really is something for everyone

Whether you’re a complete adrenaline junkie or prefer to munch on candy floss from the sidelines, Dreamland has something for everyone. If roller coasters and drop towers are your thing then you’ve simply got to check out the Dreamland Drop - a drop tower that launches those who dare a staggering 39 metres above the ground. (And you know what they say, what goes up must come down!) Or if you’re more of a carousel and teacups kinda person then take a spin on the Wedgwood Teacups - an enjoyable classic. Not to mention other mini coasters for youngsters, water rides, a mirror maze and so much more fun stuff!

thrill amusement rides for kids dreamland margate

3. There’s an indoor play zone - but not your average one

The Octopus’s Play Zone is no ordinary play zone… Suitable for mini adventurers under the age of 8, let your little ones’ imagination run wild as they explore all that Ozzy the Octopus has to offer. Complete with a circus tent, beach huts, a grassy hill to roll down, a potting shed where they can get stuck into some serious arts and crafts and more - you’ll need to extend your visit to Dreamland just to make the most of it all! Watch as your little ones clamber over climbing frames, scramble through cargo nets and burrow themselves in sand pits - the fun is endless!

play pen for children at dreamland margate

4. Meet some furry friends at the Dreamland Ark

Calling animal lovers big and small! Climb aboard the Dreamland Ark - a modern day version of Noah’s Ark where you can meet and greet the park’s fluffy residents, creepy reptiles, bugs and more. If you have children who aren’t so keen on the rides then the Dreamland Ark is a great, it’s a perfect little haven away from all the madness, and filled to the brim with cuteness!

kids petting animals aboard the dreamland ark in margate

5. You’ll be spoilt for entertainment at Dreamland

Not only does Dreamland have over 20 incredible attractions that provide infinite laughs and enjoyment but Dreamland also hosts heaps of events throughout the year - most of them being completely free! So whether you want to get your skates on and step back in time at Dreamland’s very own Roller Room, or be spooked as Dreamland’s spooktacular Halloween festival ‘Screamland’ returns, you’ll always find something incredibly unique and fun for the whole family at Dreamland!

festival fun at dreamland margate summer


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