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Our mission at Kidadl is to spread smiles to families by serving up the best ideas for fun, entertainment and learning. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the wonderful UK charity Spread a Smile to create a joyfully infectious Family Bingo Challenge! Download your own bingo card and see how many you can tick off as a family whilst raising money for seriously ill children and teenagers across the country. Not only will these activities bring your own family heaps of fun and happiness, plus the chance to win some seriously awesome prizes, you’ll also be spreading smiles to the children who need them most.

Spread a Smile bingo card.

For this fun-packed Family Bingo Challenge with our friends at Spread a Smile, we’re encouraging families to spread as many smiles as possible by taking on either the Gold, Silver or Bronze challenges from the bingo card below. The first ten families to complete the Gold Challenge - crossing off EVERY activity on the sheet - will receive a personal video message and mesmerising trick from one of Spread a Smile’s mind-blowing magicians! Follow the instructions on the card to set up a Just Giving fundraising page with Spread a Smile and see how many sponsors you can get to complete your chosen challenge as a family. The money you raise will support seriously ill children and teenagers in hospital this summer, where spreading smiles and generosity is so important.

Be sure to take plenty of photos and videos of your family in action and tag @kidadl and @spreadasmileuk on social media, using the hashtag #smilechallenge for us to share on! Scroll down to print out your own Family Challenge Bingo card and sponsorship form, and find top tips on completing your challenges below…

Get Creative

Paint someone’s face - choose a lucky family member to have their face painted by the rest! Find our easy face painting ideas here, including playful puppies and the most beautiful butterflies...

Draw a superhero - Follow these steps to create your very own family superhero! Why not play on your surname or think of the happiest title for their superhero name?

Draw and hang a smiley face in your window - After acing those rainbow window designs, let’s spread some more smiles from our houses with a simple smiley face or by adapting one of these window art projects.

Make a flower crown - whether you’re using real flowers or a craft alternative, find the prettiest flower crown designs here!

Make a collage out of magazine pictures - save those old magazines from going to waste and create a whole new work of art for your walls - these magazine collages are a win-win!

Get Active

Learn a dance/tiktok - Parents, we might have to take the lead from the kids on this one! Recreate your favourite tiktok routine or follow one of these bumping dance video tutorials.

Make an indoor obstacle course - Follow these awesome steps to create your ultimate fun and safe obstacle course at home.

Go on a family jog - Get those hearts pumping and follow our top tips here to get the kids excited for a family running session.

Hop on the spot 20 times - Simple and fun - get the whole family jumping at home! How many can you do?

Cycle or scoot around your local park - Whip out the wheels and take in some fresh air in your local park all together - you could even make a day of it! Get prepped for a family ride here

Do 20 star jumps - Put your Joe Wicks PE lessons into practice and challenge the whole family to get active at home

Get Performing

Sing a song while skipping - This one’s a double challenge! See if you can keep up your favourite tune whilst jumping, and find more fun skipping tasks here.

Learn a magic trick - Choose one of these seven easy magic tricks to impress your friends and neighbours with.

Perform a song - Make up your own song or choose one of your favourites, then host a family karaoke night at home!

Tell your family your favourite joke - Read up on our favourite family jokes here to find the perfect belter.

Write and perform a poem - Take a look at our top tips for inspiring kids to write poetry and get those imaginations flowing!

Fun & Games

Staring contest with another family member - Don’t... blink… Pair up or play winner-stays-on and try this timeless mini-mission as a family!

Dress up as another family member - This one will have the whole family in fits! Find more hilarious role reversal games here.

Make your own board game - Choose one of these five easy ways to make your very own board game as a family, and treasure it forever!

Smile for a whole minute - This is what it’s all about - keep those smiles up and try passing them on to others with these small but joyful acts of kindness.

Make a family card game - Try one of these simple ideas to make a whole new card game that will trump the rest!

Take a family smiling selfie - Say cheese! Put on your biggest smiles and get snapping. Why not try putting your family selfies into a DIY photo book afterwards?

Food Is Happiness…

Make your meal look like a smiley face - Turn your pizzas into smiling people and spread some joy through food art!

Bake Spread a Smile cupcakes - These simple Spread a Smile cupcakes will be sure to put a smile on everybody’s face.

Now it’s time to put these into action! Download your own bingo card below, decide on a fundraising target you’d like to reach as a family and choose which challenge you’re going to take on. Complete one activity from each line for The Bronze Smile Challenge, pick either blue, pink or orange activities to tick off for the Silver Smile Challenge, or be bold and go for the Gold Smile Challenge, aiming to complete all the activities on the board! 

spread a smile bingo.

Get fundraising, kickstart your challenges as a family and, most importantly, let's spread some smiles together this summer.



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